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If This Were a Dream, What Would it Mean?
If This Were a Dream, What Would it Mean?

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Author: Murry Dueck
Format: Paperback
Length: 257 Pages

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Perhaps you dreamt about someone you hadn't seen in a while and then ran into that person the following day. Maybe a strange story on the evening news grabbed your attention. Or perhaps you encountered an odd sight that made you wonder if something was up. If you can identify with any of the above, chances are you have already been in language school-God's symbolic language school! Just as Jesus taught his disciples to see the spiritual, symbolic meaning behind everyday events, God has also been urging you to interpret life on a symbolic level, asking, "If this were a dream what would it mean?

Jesus infused everyday things with spiritual meaning. Through Jesus, the disciples learned that everything around them could speak to them symbolically about heavenly things, if only they were able to view the world through spiritual eyes. In this book, author Murray Dueck helps you to develop your spiritual eyes, enabling you to glimpse the Kingdom of Heaven in everyday life.