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How to Pray for Healing
How to Pray for Healing by Che Ahn

Price: $13.99
Author: Che Ahn
Format: Paperback
Length: 154 Pages
Published: 2004

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When It Comes to Healing, We May Not Know the How and Why of God's Ways, But We Can Know the How and Why of What God Expects from Us.

"Why does healing sometimes come instantaneously, sometimes over time, sometimes through the hands of a doctor and sometimes not right now? It is a mystery." With these humble words, Ch Ahn begins his personal account of a journey through healing and into a healing ministry.

Though cloaked in mystery, the enigma of healing prayer becomes less veiled as Ch addresses key questions such as, What causes illness? Why do only some experience God's healing? What can be done to promote personal healing or the healing of others? How to Pray for Healing encourages readers to use the power of prayer as the primary method of extending Jesus' healing ministry into a hurting world.

This introduction to the subject of prayer and healing balances the miraculous with the practical, drawing from such well-known sources as John Wimber and Francis MacNutt. The many personal examples will keep you enthralled as you discover that your own prayers can engender healing.


One of the great questions asked by many Christians is, Why do some people get healed and some don't? Jesus told His disciples to "keep on asking," "keep on seeking" and "keep on knocking". Those who did would receive, find and have the door opened. If you need healing, you will be strengthened in your faith as you read How to Pray for Healing.

Pat Robertson, The Christian Broadcasting Network, Inc.

While traveling around the country during the last few years, I've seen the need for believers and unbelievers alike to experience the healing power of the living God. How to Pray for Healing imparts a passion to ask God to pour out His love into this hurting world. Read it, practice it, and watch God move.

Dutch Sheets, Freedom Church, Colorado Springs