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How Heaven Invades Your Finances
How Heaven Invades Your Finances by Jim Baker

Price: $14.99
Author: Jim Baker
Subtitle: Build the Foundation for Supernatural Finances
Format: Paperback
Length: 146 Pages
Published: 2015

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What if the testimony of God’s goodness on your life brought nations to Christ? What if faithful stewarding of money qualified you to shape the culture over cities? What if prosperity wasn’t selfish?

Many are frustrated because they’ve tried the principles of sowing and reaping without first establishing “The Foundation for Supernatural Finances.” That’s like building a house without the foundation or structure to support it.

With this book, you will:
  • View finances, prosperity and the purpose of money through a Kingdom lens.
  • Equip your head, heart and hands with revelation, activations and testimonies.
  • Build a financial foundation to partner with heaven and see it released on earth!

Heaven is looking to invade your finances. Will you give them a “Foundation” to land on?

Table of Contents:
Author’s Notes
Heaven Invading: The House Swap
Chapter 1: Prosperity Isn’t Optional
Heaven Invading: Jobs and Better Jobs
Chapter 2: The Kindergarten of the Spiritual Life
Heaven Invading: Debt Cancelled
Chapter 3: Who Can Take Better Care of Me Than Dad?
Heaven Invading: Checks in the Mail
Chapter 4: Stepping into the Financial River
Heaven Invading: Debts Paid Off
Chapter 5: Warning: Don’t Confuse Your “Source” with the “Resource”
Heaven Invading: Commissions
Chapter 6: An Invitation to Financial Freedom
Heaven Invading: Raises
Chapter 7: Killing Sacred Cows Part 1: Jesus Was Poor
Heaven Invading: Debt Cancelled
Chapter 8: Killing Sacred Cows Part 2: Financial Prosperity Is Not God’s Will for Me
Heaven Invading: Blessing and Increase
Chapter 9: Living from Abundance
Conclusion: About the Author


When Jim Baker speaks, I listen. I do this for two reasons. First, because he is one of the few believers I know who functions both with a marketplace anointing and a Pastoral mantle. He understands both worlds. Second, Jim is a bonafide worker of miracles, and that is a rarity in itself. You cannot help but profit from hearing what he has to say. I always do.
Lance Wallnau, The Lance Learning Group

In this book, Jim sets aright much of the biblical misinformation regarding personal financial management that many people have believed all their lives. You may be very surprised to find out what Jesus actually said about money and how He encourages His followers to manage finances. I have found that actual truth is like a pure, clear river, but there are also stagnant, muddy backwaters on either side of the river. Many people don’t realize that they have gotten stuck in the mud on one bank or the other until someone exposes the muddy water and helps them see where the clear channel of the river is. That is exactly what Jim has masterfully done in this book regarding our attitude toward, and management of, money.

As you read this book, you will discover how to get out of the stagnant, muddy backwaters, and right into the main river channel of God’s supernatural financial abundance. Whether you have a lot of money or little money, if you want to learn to live and manage finances in God’s supernatural power and wisdom, then this book is for you.
Craig Hill, Founder, Family Foundations International

About the Author:
Jim Baker and Mary, his wife of 20 years, are the senior pastors of Zion Christian Fellowship in Powell, Ohio. The church is marked by worship, a strong presence of God, healings, miracles, several dead raisings and a passion for personal and regional transformation. Jim is known for his humor and revelatory teaching. He has a passion to see people transformed and quipped to supernaturally demonstrate God’s Kingdom in their sphere of influence. He compiled The Jesus School of Healing and co-authored Help! I Am a Pastor with Steve Backlund.