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Holiness Righteousness the Regal Pair
Holiness Righteousness the Regal Pair by C. R. Oliver

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Author: C. R. Oliver
Format: Paperback
Length: 192 Pages

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Holiness and righteousness transcend antiquity to confront iniquity in modern time. Holiness dwells beneath the armor of righteousness, salvation, faith, truth, the reparation of the gospel; it is the only body fit to wield the Spirit-sword.

Extreme righteousness is necessary in order to teach the world-at-large the difference between a true follower of Jesus Christ and those of professional Christianity.

The command is still, Be ye holy, as I am holy, the response is still, Yes, Lord!The righteous live with greater concerns, deeper levels of commitment and sensitivity to the will and purpose of God, than people of religion. Their prayers are pro-active, their work redemptive, their yearnings creative (calling those things into being with are not), their prospective broader (often worldwide), their vision clearer (light is sown for them), their path productive (the Lord directs) and their progress assured.

Just as faith moved those with lesser anointing into the hall of fame in Hebrews 11, there needs to be those of the Twenty-first Century qualifying themselves for the later day hall of fame.

Table of Contents



Chapter 1: Irresistible Righteousness

Chapter 2: Separating the Inseparable

Chapter 3: Holiness Magnified

Chapter 4: Extreme Righteousness

Chapter 5: Kingdom Righteousness

Chapter 6: Enclaves of Righteousness

Chapter 7: Holy Is

Chapter 8: Something is Missing in the Temple

Chapter 9: Unholy . . . Holy: The Journey

Chapter 10: Righteous-Determination

Chapter 11: Determined to be Righteous

Chapter 12: H & R Power

Addendum: The Crushing of the Holy People



About the Author

C. R. Oliver, PhD, is a retired professor of Philosophy and Behavioral Science. Dr. Oliver is also an ordained minister. During his 40 years as minister and college professor, Dr. Oliver has acquired an understanding of the Bible from a missions perspective. Having served in 54 countries and extensively in Latin America, his life experiences allow him to draw upon a large frame of international reverence. As President of OEA, Intl., a on-profit missions organization, he is in contact with missionary enterprises worldwide. He is the author of Solomons Secret, a commentary on the Song of Solomon (1999), Sons of Zadok (2000) and En Punto (2002). He is married to Betty A. Oliver, a retired professor of English.