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Thy Kingdom Come
Thy Kingdom  Come by Felix Halpern

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Author: Felix Halpern
Subtitle: The Mystery of Israel's Glory
Format: Paperback
Length: 205 Pages
Published: 2023

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What is God’s end-time plan for Jews and Gentiles – and how are their destinies linked? What is the ultimate mission of the church? How does Jewish and Christian history influence our future?

Drawing from historical research and fresh prophetic revelation, Rabbi Felix Halpern unveils God’s long-standing plan for Jews and Christians alike so you can partner with His Kingdom blueprint.

These topics have been the center of debate for centuries. However, in this thought-provoking message, you will find fresh insight surrounding the end times. Full of life changing biblical truths, inside you will find answers to:
  • What is the source of this age-old anti-Semitism?
  • Why has satan made the Jews the target of expulsions from nations?
  • Why have the Jewish people been mocked for their religious zeal and difference?
  • Why have they often become scapegoats for the economic problems of nations?
  • And more!

Don’t stumble through these last days. As Jesus’s return draws closer, you need to know what your destiny is in God’s final showdown against the forces of evil.

Table of Contents:
Author’s Note
Part 1: The Jews and Israel
Chapter 1: Jerusalem and the Lane of Israel
Chapter 2: Jewish Persecution: The Strategy of Satan
Chapter 3: Jewish Immigration: Jews Come to America
Chapter 4: Principles of Zion: Biblical Principles of Jewish Survival
Chapter 5: Unlocking Israel’s Election
Chapter 6: The Battle for Israel and the Messianic Kingdom
Chapter 7: The Kingdom of God versus the Kingdom of Heaven
Chapter 8: The Biblical Feasts: Kingdom Times and Rhythms

Part 2: Constantine’s Interference
Chapter 9: The Jewish Root Severed
Chapter 10: Theological Thefts and Further Separation
Chapter 11: Sabbath and Torah
Chapter 12: Misconceptions and Restorations: John the Baptist and Elijah

Part 3: Was John Elijah?
Chapter 13: The Gentiles Find Their Calling
Chapter 14: The One New Man
Conclusion: No More Falsehood
Appendix: The Covenant

About the Author:
Felix Halpern and his wife, Bonnie, minister nationally and internationally with a message of restoration between Jew and Gentile, the One New Man, and with a strong emphasis on the election of Israel. He continues to fulfill his role in the body in preparing the church for their end-time mandate, “All Israel,” with a message of the “Father’s Heart.”