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Heavens Perspective: Stories from the Book of Life
Heavens Perspective Stories from the Book of Life by Tony Stoltzfus

Price: $16.99
Author: Tony Stoltzfus
Subtitle: How a Good God Transforms Suffering into Glory
Format: Paperback
Length: 193 Pages
Published: 2017

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Heaven is writing its own version of your life story – and it is way better than how you remember it! Heaven’s Perspective gives you a sneak peek at the Book of Life, through letters from Jesus to seventeen ordinary believers about their greatest experiences of suffering and adversity. You’ll feel Jesus’ heartbeat as he reveals his unique pleasure in each one, and marvel as you witness how he leverages even their faults and failures to bring each person to their God-given destinies.

And you’ll experience a heaven with power beyond imagining making all things well. Here, children who die as infants never go a day without their mothers, betrayal and injustice turn into the fuel that propels victim into her destiny. A little-known musician discovers that his songs are in constant rotation before the throne, and the man who fights to achieve emotional intimacy wins a victory that extends to generations of his family. In this heaven, every uncompleted destiny is shared with those around you so that nothing Father sends out His word to accomplish remains unfinished. It’s a heaven – and a Jesus – that is far better than you ever imagined!

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: Getting Perspective
Chapter 2: Performance vs. Relationship
Chapter 3: Loss vs. Opportunity
Chapter 4: Random vs. Destiny
Chapter 5: Outward vs. Inward
Chapter 6: Heaven vs. Earth
Chapter 7: Heaven and Time
Chapter 8: Heaven, Suffering and Glory
Chapter 9: Flatlander vs. Process
Chapter 10: Individual vs. Interconnected
Appendix A: Story Writing Resources
Appendix B: Get Your Story Rewritten

About the Author:
Tony Stoltzfus coaches and trains leaders worldwide to engage God from the heart in every circumstance. He is the author of eleven books and the founder of the Leadership MetaFormation Institute.