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Heart Healer Study Guide
Heart Healer Study Guide by Cyndy Bartelli

Price: $12.99
Author: Cyndy Bartelli
Subtitle: A Personal Journey
Format: Paperback
Length: 74 Pages
Published: 2018

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If I could join you with a cup of coffee at your kitchen table, or chat with you in your living room, I’d tell you some of the miraculous stories I have received from readers of The Heart Healer whose lives have changed because of a simple prayer to an extraordinary God.

I, too, have made peace with my past. Long-held grief and sadness are gone. Failure and loss no longer torment me. Memories I wouldn’t allow myself to think about have been exposed, and the Lord, our Heart Healer, has changed my life.

He’s done the same for others, and He’ll do the same for you.

Journey through this study in the privacy of your home or in a group setting. No matter where you will be, God will join you, and His tender love for you will become evident as He heals the wounded place in your heart.

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: Brave and Strong
Chapter 2: A New Normal
Chapter 3: Hobbled
Chapter 4: Renewal
Chapter 5: Hope for All
Chapter 6: Miracle Moments
Chapter 7: Timed Release
Chapter 8: Deeper Still
Chapter 9: Pathway to Peace
Chapter 10: The Call
Addendum: The Ultimate Heartbreak
For Group Leaders
About the Author

About the Author:
Entrepreneur, speaker, and writer Cyndy Bartelli developed a passion for helping others heal from heartache. She received extensive training in prayer ministry and applied the principles to her own healing. Cyndy has served as a trainer for prayer ministry and has contributed to training materials on this topic since 2011.