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Healing in His Presence
Healing in His Presence by Joan Gieson

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Author: Joan Gieson
Subtitle: The Untold Secrets of Kathryn Kuhlman's Healing Ministry and Relationship with Holy Spirit
Format: Paperback
Length: 169 Pages
Published: 2017

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Joan Gieson received a miraculous healing under the ministry of evangelist Kathryn Kuhlman, one of the most intriguing Christian personalities of the twentieth century. Joan went on to work with Kuhlman’s ministry, receiving exclusive glimpses into her private walk with the Holy Spirit. Now, Joan wants to share those with you!

To flow in God’s miraculous power, like Kuhlman and Gieson, it’s not about repeating some principle; it’s about experiencing the Master’s Presence! Through incredible stories, miraculous testimonies and transferable teaching, you will discover:
  1. The power link between releasing the miraculous and friendship with the Holy Spirit.
  2. The importance of atmosphere: creating space for God’s anointing to flow freely.
  3. The supernatural connection between compassion and signs and wonders.
  4. The miracle-working impartation that is available for all believers to receive and walk in!

More than a collection of miracle stories and testimonies, you will discover secrets to Kuhlman’s supernatural ministry and learn how to flow in that same anointing.

Table of Contents:
A Word from the Publisher
Part 1: My Journey with Kathryn Kuhlman
Chapter 1: Days to Remember
Chapter 2: Walking in Miracles
Chapter 3: The Legacy and Impact of Kathryn Kuhlman

Part 2: Untold Secrets of Kathryn Kuhlman’s Miracle Ministry and Relationship with Holy Spirit
Chapter 4: Creating the Atmosphere
Chapter 5: My Best Friend: Intimacy with Holy Spirit
Chapter 6: I’m Not a Faith Healer
Chapter 7: Compassion Unlocks the Miraculous
Chapter 8: Paying the Price for the Anointing
Concluding Prayers of Impartation and Salvation

About the Author:
Joan Gieson lives in an atmosphere of miracles and encourages everyone she meets to reach out and touch Jesus. After receiving a dramatic haling under Kathryn Kuhlman’s ministry, Joan spent over eight years working for Ms. Kuhlman, transporting people to her healing services. Later on, Joan would become a key, behind-the-scenes minister with Benny Hinn, traveling across 18 countries, praying for the sick in his meetings. Joan and her husband Frank reside in St. Louis, Missouri, where they are dedicated to providing shelter and jobs for the homeless through their organization, Ministries of Love.