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Breaking Emotional Barriers to Healing
Breaking Emotional Barriers by Craig Miller

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Author: Craig Miller
Subtitle: Understanding the Mind-Body Connection to Your Illness
Format: Paperback
Length: 192 Pages
Published: 2018

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Far too many Christians are waiting, hoping, and praying for healing, but either it doesn’t last or it doesn’t come at all. Doctors shrug and say there is nothing they can do. Pastors say it is your sin or the attack of the devil that blocks your healing. This only leaves people more helpless, hopeless, afraid, ashamed, and still sick or in pain.

Craig Miller experienced his own miraculous physical healing and has dedicated his life to helping others receive the permanent emotional and physical restoration that is available through the healing power of God. Craig ministers to the spirit and soul to identify root causes that block healing. He lends particular focus to cases in which no cause of an illness can be identified and what to do when healing does not occur.

Readers will discover:
  • Easy-to-use, step-by-step methods proven effective at bringing real solutions to long-term pain and suffering
  • Suggested emotional barriers to 490 mind-body conditions
  • Healing prayers for ministering healing to others
  • Inspirational real-life examples of healing testimonies

Table of Contents:
Foreword by Randy Clark
Part 1: Understanding Mind-Body Connections to Your Illness
Chapter 1: How Trauma Impacts Your Mind and Body
Chapter 2: What Happens When There Is Emotional Trauma
Chapter 3: Suppressed Emotions Are Linked to Mind-Body Illness
Chapter 4: Emotional Connections to Physical Illness
Chapter 5: Emotional Connections to Mind Illness
Chapter 6: When There Is No Reason for the Illness or Condition
Chapter 7: Spirit, Soul, Body, and Healing
Chapter 8: Why It Is Hard to Believe in Your Authority to Heal

Part 2: Using Mind-Body Connections for Healing
Chapter 9: Praying for Healing with Power and Authority
Chapter 10: Steps for Healing Prayer
Chapter 11: Practical Tips for Breaking Through to Healing
What to Do When Someone Cannot Remember Past Memories
What to Do When Someone Cannot Identify or Express Feelings
What to Do When Someone Is Not Ready to Forgive
What to Do When Someone Cannot Release Anger, Hurt, or Resentment
What to Do When Jesus Is Not Wanted in the Healing Process
Helping the Afflicted Person to Feel Safe
Helping the Afflicted Person to Trust Jesus
What to Do When Healing Comes in Layers
Misunderstood Domestic Violence Trauma
Other Hindrances That Can Block Healing
Chapter 12: Expanding Your Search When Healing Doesn’t Occur
Chapter 13: Healing Prayers Can Work for You Too!
Chapter 14: How to Keep Your Healing
Chapter 15: Suggested Emotional Connections to Mind-Body Conditions
Addendum: Steps for Healing Prayer – Putting the Steps Together
Easy-to-Photocopy Recaps of the Steps for Healing Prayer
About the Author


Breaking Emotional Barriers to Healing presents a practical, faith-filled approach allowing Christians to move with the power of the Holy spirit to break free of emotional, physical, and spiritual affliction. Craig’s nearly forty years of clinical and pastoral counseling experience provides a treasure trove of tools for everyday Christians to experience firsthand the perfect healing power of Jesus Christ. This is a must-read for every person seeking to see bondage and limitation removed from their lives, and in the lives of those around them.
Rev. Joanne Moody, International speaker, author, healer

Craig Miller has created a powerful, practical tool to assist those who believe in the power of God to heal physical disease by exploring the root causes of much illness, pain, and seemingly “incurable” physical distress. His research and experience as a therapist and speaker bring together this guide that everyone who prays for the sick will want to add to their toolbox of resources.
Dr. Mike Hutchings, Director, Global School of Supernatural Ministry

About the Author:
Craig Miller has been ministering and counseling in church, medical, and mental health settings since 1980. He is a licensed Christian therapist and co-founder of Masterpeace Counseling in Tecumseh, Michigan. He holds a master’s degree in social work from Michigan State University and a master’s degree in health services administration from the University of Detroit. Experiencing his own miraculous physical healing deepened Craig’s passion to help people receive healing and restoration through teaching, imparting, and ministering the love and healing power of Jesus with individual ministry and healing conferences.