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Healing Starts Now Expanded Edition
Healing Starts Now Expanded Edition by Joan Hunter

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Author: Joan Hunter
Subtitle: Complete Training Manual
Format: Paperback
Length: 283 Pages
Published: 2013

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One day as He (Jesus) was teaching…the power of the Lord was present for Him to heal the sick (Luke 5:17 NIV).  This same power is present in you today!

Author Joan Hunter has been praying for the sick for 40 years, and has seen multiple thousands of miracles and healings.
You too can:
  • Receive and retain healing
  • Allow God to use you
  • Know how to approach someone who needs healing
  • Effectively pray for healing
  • Lay hands on the sick and they will recover (Mark 16:18b)
  • Fulfill the Great Commission
  • Discover what is in your tool box

Healing Starts Now contains the clearest and simplest instructions for ministering healing ever written.  It takes much of the mystery out of healing prayer, and your fear of praying for the sick will disappear.

You will pray for the sick with confidence, knowing God will heal.  The book is full of proven effective directions and diagrams that precisely detail how to heal the sick along with specific prayers for hundreds of conditions.

Table of Contents:

Part 1: Healing
Chapter 1: Healing
Chapter 2: Our Authority in Christ
Part 2: The Root Causes of Diseases
Chapter 3: Cleansing the Heart
Chapter 4: Breaking Personal Strongholds
Chapter 5: Breaking Generational Curses and Covenants
Chapter 6: Curses and Blessings
Part 3: God’s Wisdom for Vibrant Health and Wealth
Chapter 7: Nurture the Natural Man by Dr. S. Lussier, NMD
Chapter 8: Keys to Unlocking Financial Freedom
Part 4: To the 4 Corners of Your World
Chapter 9: Anointed to Heal
Chapter 10: Steps to Pray for Healing
Chapter 11: Receive and Maintain Your Healing
Chapter 12: Your Toolbox
Appendix: Prayers for Freedom
Addendum: Back, Spine, and Many Other Diseases


Joan Hunter has ministered with us often and I have been an eyewitness to the many miracles that God works under her hands.  One of the things I love about Joan is that she truly lives everything she preaches.  Her heart is to see the entire Body walk in wholeness and move into the fullness of healing ministry.  Joan ministers healing not only to the physical body, but also to the heart issues that are often the root.  You will love Healing Starts Now! Expanded Edition.  It will give you keys for receiving healing and tools to help others come into wholeness.  This is a must read!
Patricia King, Founder of XPmedia

To know Dr. Joan Hunter is to love her.  She is one of the most gifted healers of this age.  She exudes the love and light of God. She carries a double portion of the healing mantle with a great grace and authority.  Because of her vast scriptural knowledge and spiritual experiences on the topic of healing, she is able to compile this amazing manual called Healing Starts Now! Expanded Edition.  In these pages you will find the keys to unlock your own healing and the healing of others.  Joan shares her practical skills and healing techniques that will enable every believer to relate these healing applications in their own lives.  In these pages Joan goes into great depth to remove the mystery, making healing appear simple and matter-of-fact.  Jesus’ commission was to go into the world, preach the Gospel, make disciples, heal the sick, cast out devils, and raise the dead.  If you have a desire to walk out your own commission in the healing ministry, this training manual is a must.
Dr. Barbie L. Breathitt, Ph.D., Breath of the Spirit Ministries, Inc.

About the Author:

Joan Hunter is president and founder of Joan Hunter Ministries, Hearts 4 Him, and 4 Corners Foundation.  She has conducted healing schools and miracle services worldwide, and as an apostolic leader, more than 2000 churches and ministries look to her for guidance.  Joan and her husband, Kelley Murrell, reside in Pinehurst, Texas.  They have eight children and six grandchildren.