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Handbook for Healing
Handbook for Healing by Charles and Francis Hunter

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Author: Charles and Francis Hunter
Format: Paperback
Length: 219 Pages
Published: 1987/2001

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Can God really use me? Amazement! That is the reaction of many who have experienced the power of God wile praying healing for the sick. Charles and Frances Hunter have discovered the keys to healing found in the Bible and through the innovations of medical science. You will find that God can use you to bring healing and help to family, friends, and literally everyone you come in contact with. No longer will you have to stand by, helpless, when people are hurting.

Table of Contents

Foreword by Charles and Frances Hunter

Chapter 1: The Sovereignty of God

Chapter 2: When You Touch God

Chapter 3: Falling Under the Power

Chapter 4: The Gifts of the Spirit

Chapter 5: The Neck Thing

Chapter 6: The Pelvic Thing

Chapter 7: Electrical and Chemical Frequencies

Chapter 8: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Chapter 9: Migraine Headaches and Tic Douloureux

Chapter 10: The Nucca

Chapter 11: When Ministering Healing

Chapter 12: The Spine

Chapter 13: The Appestat

Chapter 14: Eye Healings

Chapter 15: The Difference between a Miracle and a Healing

Chapter 16: Spare Parts Department

Chapter 17: It Works in Every Nation

Chapter 18: As You Are Going

Chapter 19: Dont Forget

Chapter 20: Diseases from A to Z

About the Author

Charles and Frances Hunters simple faith in the Bible has caused them to be used by God in ministering to thousands of people worldwide. As best-selling authors and national and international conference speakers, they have shared their wealth of knowledge and experience of Gods power and love, and the results have been dramatic and widespread.