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Great Transfer of Wealth
Great Transfer of Wealth by C Peter Wagner

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Author: C Peter Wagner
Subtitle: Financial Release for Advancing Gods Kingdom
Format: Paperback
Length: 159 Pages
Published: 2014

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The Bible proclaims a coming day when God will release a great transfer of the world’s wealth into the hands of His people. Why would God divert the world’s wealth in such a manner? Wouldn’t such an enterprise be driven by greed or the evil spirit of mammon? Or might there be a higher purpose?

Revered author and Pastor C. Peter Wagner delves deeply into this amazing prophecy, showing how God will bring about a miraculous, worldwide financial transformation so that the Great commission will be fulfilled and His kingdom will be established on earth. And these things will be witnessed by this generation!

God is poised to shake the world’s financial foundations to their core. All Bible-believing Christians need to take steps to be prepared, for they will be the ones God uses to receive this blessing, influence the world, and help to fulfill Jesus’ Great Commission.

Table of Contents:

Foreword by Cindy Jacobs
Chapter 1: Social Transformation: The Big Picture
Chapter 2: Starting a Kingdom Business in God’s Economy: the Testimony of Mani Erfan
Chapter 3: Wealth Transfer Is Coming
Chapter 4: Neutralizing the Spirit of Poverty
Chapter 5: The Parables of the Money Managers
Chapter 6: When Does Money Become “Filthy Lucre”?
Chapter 7: The Kingdom Wealth Cycle
Chapter 8: From Donor-Based financing to Revenue-Based financing
Chapter 9: Kingdom Philanthropy
Chapter 10: Some Basics of Cheerful Giving
Appendix: How to Establish a Ministry Revenue Fund
About the Author


I am absolutely thrilled that The Great Transfer of Wealth has finally been written. God is a God of abundance. To view Him in any other way is a distortion of reality – the greatest reality of all: the nature of God. The very fact that there has been much error in dealing with this subject only shows what the devil fears. He fears the church coming into a proper biblical understanding of prosperity with a purpose. And this book will bring you into that understanding, and, ultimately, into that experience. Peter Wagner has given us great strategies for renewing our hearts and minds to be fully immersed in God’s purposes for planet earth. By implementing these practical strategies, we will be positioned to help facilitate. The Great Transfer of Wealth, which will lead to the greatest harvest of souls the world has ever seen.
Bill Johnson, Senior Pastor, Bethel Church, Redding, California

C. Peter Wagner is one of the greatest and most influential apostolic leaders in kingdom theology and shifting paradigms in the body of Christ. I have had the honor of being mentored by Peter and am proud to call him my spiritual father. He is a man of great integrity and a true apostle. He has written many biblically sound books that have blessed the church and advanced the kingdom of God. Now Peter brings you what I believe to be the most pivotal book of this kingdom age – The Great Transfer of Wealth. These pages are filled with godly wisdom, solid biblical teaching, heavenly instruction, and prophetic insight that will prepare and position you to be a participant in the great transfer of wealth, as written in Isaiah 60. You will know God’s ultimate purpose for the transfer, and how it will bring about societal transformation. I highly recommend and exhort every believer to read this book!
Che Ahn, Apostle, Harvest Apostolic Center

About the Author:

C. Peter Wagner is the Ambassadorial Apostle of Global Spheres, Inc. (GSI), an apostolic network providing activation and alignment for kingdom-minded leaders of the body of Christ. He travels extensively throughout the world, helping to equip believers to minister in the areas of apostolic ministries, wealth, dominion, and reformation of society. Wagner considers this his “fourth career,” which he began at the age of eighty. His first career was serving as a missionary to Bolivia, along with his wife, Doris; his second was teaching in the Fuller Seminary School of World Mission) now School of Intercultural Studies); and his third was founding and developing Global Harvest Ministries, which includes the Wagner Leadership Institute. WLI now has over twenty schools in the US and twelve more in other nations. The author of more than seventy books, Wagner lives with his wife in Colorado Springs, Colorado.