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God's Chosen Fast
God's Chosen Fast by Arthur Wallis

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Author: Arthur Wallis
Subtitle: A Spiritual and Practical Guide to Fasting
Format: Paperback
Length: 170 Pages
Published: 1968

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First published in 1968, God's Chosen Fast has long been considered the essential guide to biblical fasting, a vital yet often neglected practice. With simplicity and straightforwardness, Arthur Wallis shares what the Bible says about fasting. It is not merely a how-to manual, but a timeless reference that explains the purpose of fasting, details accounts of fasting in the Bible, and includes a comprehensive biblical index. This new edition features a compelling foreword by Susan Gregory, author of The Daniel Fast. God's Chosen Fast will assist believers who desire to grow closer to God.

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: Why Fast?
Chapter 2: The Normal Fast
Chapter 3: The Absolute Fast
Chapter 4: The Partial Fast
Chapter 5: When - Not If
Chapter 6: The Time is Now
Chapter 7: The Regular and Public Fasts
Chapter 8: Fasting Unto God
Chapter 9: For Personal Sanctity
Chapter 10: To Be Heard on High
Chapter 11: To Change Gods Mind
Chapter 12: To Free the Captives
Chapter 13: They Fasted to Deliver
Chapter 14: For Revelation
Chapter 15: Fleshpots of Egypt
Chapter 16: To Buffet the Body
Chapter 17: What About Asceticism?
Chapter 18: Fasting and the Body
Chapter 19: For Health and Healing
Chapter 20: How to Begin
Chapter 21: How to Break the Fast
Chapter 22: Diary of a Fast
Chapter 23: In the Last Days
Appendix 1: Doubtful References to Fasting
Appendix 2: Answers to Practical Questions
Appendix 3: Healthy Eating
Biblical Index

About the Author:
Arthur Wallis, born in Dublin in 1922, was an internationally known author and leader in what became known as the "house church movement" in Great Britain. He served in the British Army in North Africa, Italy and Macedonia. After the war, Arthur went into the ministry. Later in life, he served on a leadership team, overseeing more than thirty churches. He also devoted himself to a worldwide speaking and writing ministry.