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Prayer and Fasting
Prayer and Fasting by Kingsley Fletcher

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Author: Kingsley Fletcher
Format: Paperback
Length: 172 Pages
Published: 1992

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Dr. Kingsley A. Fletcher reports on the miraculous results of prayer and fasting as personally experienced by himself and others. He also describes scriptural keys to use. As you apply these principles to your life, you will experience:

  • healing
  • victory over fears
  • freedom from bondage
  • the leading of the Spirit
  • joy in the Holy Spirit
  • success as a soulwinner
  • the riches of God's blessings

These time-tested principles will ignite and transform the way you pray, enabling you to experience a deeper revelation of divine love and find God's answers to meet all of your needs.

Table of Contents


Part 1: Why I Still Believe in Prayer and Fasting

Chapter 1: My Personal Experience with Prayer and Fasting

Chapter 2: The Biblical Basis for Prayer and Fasting

Part 2: Why Most Christians No Longer Practice Prayer and Fasting

Chapter 3: The Lack of Results in the Past

Chapter 4: The Recent Emphasis on Faith as a Cure-all

Chapter 5: The Prevalence of the Spirit of Gluttony

Chapter 6: The Selfish Spirit of the Age

Chapter 7: The Lack of Teaching on the Subject of Prayer and Fasting

Part 3: Why We Should Pray and Fast (Purpose)

Chapter 8: The Need to Crucify the Flesh

Chapter 9: The Need to Hear the Voice of God

Chapter 10: The Need for Power

Chapter 11: The Need for More Faith

Chapter 12: The Need for Preparation

Chapter 13: The Need for a Healthy Lifestyle

Part 4: How You Can pray and Fast More Effectively (Preparation)

Chapter 14: Make a Commitment to Prayer and Fasting

Chapter 15: Prepare Yourself for Prayer and Fasting

Chapter 16: Stop Making Excuses and Just Do It!

Part 5: What to Expect from Prayer and Fasting (Action and Results)

Chapter 17: Practical Things I Have Learned about Prayer and Fasting (Action)

Chapter 18: The Fruits Produced by Prayer and Fasting (Results)

My Prayer for You