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Gate of Prayer
Gate of Prayer by Martha Lucia

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Author: Martha Lucia and Linda McClelland Downing
Format: Paperback
Length: 168 Pages
Published: 2001

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The Church’s greatest power lies in the Gate of Prayer. Using the progression of the Early Church in the Book of Acts, the authors lead you step by step into building blocks of truth which are opened to the believer through the Gate of Prayer. Thoroughly based on Scripture, with exploration into word meanings in the original languages, this book is not another how to prayer guide. It is an invitation to ongoing participation in a deep and transforming lifestyle.

Even as Jacob wrestled with the angel of God until he received the blessing, you will be challenged to engage your faith in a greater way in order to receive the blessings of a higher prayer life. Let the authors take you on an eloquent journey through the Gate of Prayer to the heart of God.

Table of Contents:

Foreword by Dr. Bill Hamon
Chapter 1: Divine connections and Appointments
Chapter 2: Destroying Wrong Foundations
Chapter 3: Divine Command
Chapter 4: Body Ministry
Chapter 5: The Gate of Fear
Chapter 6: The Gate Beautiful
Chapter 7: The Gate of Great Grace
Chapter 8: The Gate of Great Fear
Chapter 9: The Gate of Great Persecution
Chapter 10: The Gate of Great Joy
Chapter 11: More About Foundations
Chapter 12: The Gate of Vision
Chapter 13: The Gate of Deliverance
Chapter 14: The Gate of Ministry
Chapter 15: Wisdom and the Gate of Discernment
Chapter 16: Death and the Gate of Discernment
Chapter 17: The Gate of Preservation and Favor
Chapter 18: The Eastern Gate
Gate of Prayer Chart


The Gate of Prayer is a must read for now! If there is one thing God is saying to the Body of Christ it is that the Church is arising and coming to a prominent place once again at the gates of our cities, our nation, and the nations of the earth. God is building the Church, and without understanding the gate of prayer the Church will not be properly built for this season of history.
We hold the keys that will unlock the harvest within our own territories. By understanding the gate of prayer we receive supernatural help from heaven to assist us on earth. There is a divine connection between God’s Intercessors and apostles on the earth that is causing His vision from heaven to manifest in our region. This is destroying the ancient foundations that have been put in place by the enemy and causing the Lord Sabaoth to arise in our midst.

Martha Lucia and Linda Downing have captured a key to changing the atmosphere of earth from heaven. Open your gate and allow the revelation of the King of Glory to come in. The Gate of Prayer will release fresh vision and authority. Every gatekeeper and intercessor should read this book.
Chuck D. Pierce, President, Glory of Zion International

About the Authors:

Martha Lucia is an ordained minister mandated to teach, train and rise up an army of intercessors. She serves as the General of Intercession for Christian International Ministries Network and serves on the Apostolic Council for Cindy Jacobs’ Generals of Intercession. She is also the founder of The Watchman Network and a member of the Eagles of God international strategic intercession team. Martha is a contributing author of The Queen’s Domain, co-author of The Gate of Prayer, The Watchman, Rules of Engagement Vol. I and II, and author of The System of the Beast. She lives in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida.

Linda McClelland Downing holds a B.A. in English and a M.A. in Biblical Literature. In addition to founding Christian Training Ministries, Inc., her years in ministry have included the production of a gospel record album, Bible teaching tapes, a radio program, and articles published in various Christian magazines. She lives in Sebring, Florida.