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From Passover to Pentecost
From Passover to Pentecost by Cynthia Schneider

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Author: Cynthia Schneider
Subtitle: Explore the Power and Presence of the Holy Spirit in 50 Days
Format: Hardcover
Length: 109 Pages
Published: 2021

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The Bible tells us to count the fifty days beginning with Passover and ending with Pentecost, called Shavuot in Hebrew (Lev. 23:15-16). It was on this fiftieth day that the first believers received the Holy Spirit (Acts 2). They had been waiting in Jerusalem for the promise of the Father when God’s Spirit fell on them.

Join Cynthia Schneider on a fifty-day journey to have a fresh encounter with the fire and wind of the Holy Spirit that was released on the Day of Pentecost. This book is designed to help you focus on knowing, following, and worshipping the Lord with great expectation, bringing new life and provision in the days ahead.

Table of Contents:
Introduction: A Season of Hope and Breakthrough
Day 1: Seek the Things Above
Day 2: From Brokenness to Beauty
Day 3: The God of Life and Hope
Day 4: Reflect His Glory
Day 5: Experience Your Eden
Day 6: Joy and Hope in a Hopeless Land
Day 7: Begin with the End in Mind
Day 8: Be of Good Cheer
Day 9: Withdraw to Spend Time with Jesus
Day 10: Taste and See That the Lord Is Good!
Day 11: Your Story – Written by the Hand of God
Day 12: Commune with the One Who Is Trustworthy
Day 13: The Key to Your Shalom
Day 14: A Divine Exchange of Poured-Out Love
Day 15: Bless the Lord, Adon Olam, and Bless Yourself
Day 16: Appendage of God
Day 17: Chosen to Follow
Day 18: Unity in Messiah Jesus
Day 19: See Yourself in Spirit and in Truth
Day 20: No More Business as Usual
Day 21: Don’t Stop
Day 22: A Matter of the Heart
Day 23: The Anointing Brings Freedom
Day 24: The Father’s Passionate Love
Day 25: Choose Life
Day 26: Re-parented by God
Day 27: Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem
Day 28: Don’t Let Satan Steal Your Sleep
Day 29: Trapped with One Way Out
Day 30: Meditate on God’s Beauty
Day 31: Revelation Is a Gift of God
Day 32: Battles Birth Blessings
Day 33: Healing Companionship
Day 34: The Cry of Desperation: Come
Day 35: Refocus, Remember, and Rest
Day 36: Into a Strange and Foreign Land
Day 37: Shame on Them!
Day 38: Look Backward and Go Forward
Day 39: Blessings Trump Curses
Day 40: Gideon, David, the Prophets, and You!
Day 41: The Answer
Day 42: A Kiss from God
Day 43: The Longing in Your Heart
Day 44: True Beauty
Day 45: Unlock the Mystery
Day 46: Your Life Is a Diamond
Day 47: Love Well
Day 48: Turn Your Gaze Toward Heaven
Day 49: Sharp and Strong
Day 50: Messengers for Messiah – Moving Mountains

About the Author:
Cynthia Schneider and her husband, Rabbi Kirt Schneider, lead Discovering the Jewish Jesus, an international outreach and popular television broadcast. Over the last thirty years, Cynthia has traveled and pastored with her husband, releasing God’s love and healing to His people. Together they deliver God’s fresh, fire-filled words via television and numerous media outlets, imparting divine faith, hope, and the Father’s love to His children.