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Overcoming Fear
Overcoming Fear by Dawna De Silva

Price: $14.99
Author: Dawna De Silva
Subtitle: The Supernatural Strategy to Live in Freedom
Format: Paperback
Length: 190 Pages
Published: 2019

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Anxiety, stress, panic – trying to control these powerful emotions can leave us feeling hopeless and overwhelmed. This does not have to be your reality. There is a better way! God has given us a strategy to overcome the fear that erodes our energy and saps our joy. Drawing on practical and liberating steps from Scripture, Dawna De Silva, founder and co-leader of the International Bethel Sozo Ministry, shows you how to:
  • Identify the patterns and lies that block your connection with God
  • Take control over the demonic schemes that bind you
  • Find healing and liberation through the work of the Holy Spirit

When you learn to walk in power, love and self-discipline, you will resist the enemy’s attacks and be released from fear into abundant, healthy living. You can experience the lifelong healing God intends for you!

Table of Contents:
Foreword by Danny Silk
Preface: Why the Recipe Metaphor?
Part 1: Fear
Chapter 1: The Problem with Fear
Chapter 2: The Recipe Revealed

Part 2: Power
Chapter 3: Why Power Gets Removed from the Shelf
Chapter 4: Powerless Substitutes
Chapter 5: Powerfully Alive

Part 3: love
Chapter 6: hat’s Love Got to Do with It?
Chapter 7: Keeping Love on the Shelf

Part 4: Self-Discipline
Chapter 8: Substitutes for Self-Discipline
Chapter 9: Keeping Self-Discipline on the Shelf

Part 5: Application
Chapter 10: Living a Fear-Free Life
Closing Thoughts – What Now?


I heard Dawna speak this message on overcoming fear using this wonderful recipe metaphor and was deeply impacted by her words – so much so that I remember her sermon almost verbatim. It’s in my top five messages I’ve heard in my Christian life. This book is that message.
Don Potter, Potterhaus Music and Potter School Haus

Dawna partners with the Holy Spirit to pull out rooted lies from the garden of your heart. I remember the first time I heard her message on overcoming fear. It had such clarity and power. I cannot recommend this teaching or this person more highly. Do yourself a favor and read this book. Who knows how much spiritual baggage you will lose!
Jenn Johnson, Bethel Music

About the Author:
Dawna De Silva is founder and co-leader of the International Bethel Sozo Ministry in Redding, California. Whether training in Sozo, preaching or ministering prophetically, Dawna releases people, churches and cities into new vision and freedom. Dawna and her husband, Stephen, have two sons and live in Redding.