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Free Indeed from Root Spirits
Free Indeed from Root Spirits by Douglas Carr

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Author: Doug Carr
Format: Paperback
Length: 169 Pages
Published: 2014

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During the season of breaking off the root strongholds of fear and familiar spirits, Apostle Doug Carr said, “If there was anyone that had any of the deep-rooted problems with fear within their family line to pray along with him.” He had us repeat the prayer of renouncing these root strongholds from our family line.

I was not sure what to expect, or if I should have even expected anything. As I was praying I felt pressure around the top of my head as if it were in a vice. As I felt this, he said that if anyone felt a deep pressure surrounding their head that it was because of a deep line of fear in the family roots. Then he had all of us pray for the root stronghold of fear to be loosed. It started to lift instantly. By the time we were done with the session, the tightness had disappeared.

I asked my teenage son if he had experienced anything during our session. He told me that he felt like he had a tight band around his head. He said that it disappeared as soon as he prayed. He was surprised that I had the same experience.

The next day I noticed that he was able to sleep in his room with it dark. In the next week, I also noticed that he was taking a stand for his faith with his friends.

Before this session my son’s style of expressing any type of love to us was with a blank poker faced look. It has been over a year since my son freely said, “I love you” to myself or my husband. The next morning, as he left to go to school, I told him that I loved him and have a good day at school he replied back with, “I love you too, Mom.”

Over the next few weeks I noticed that I was able to do things without the underlying fear that I had always had before. I was able to freely talk with my husband without feeling the fear of rejection looming over me. It has improved our communication tremendously. Tim and Tina

Table of Contents:
Author’s Preface
Vision of a Cancer Ridden Bride
Chapter 1: The Root Spirit of Antichrist
Chapter 2: The Root Spirit of Bondage
Chapter 3: The Root Spirit of Deaf and Dumb
Chapter 4: The Root Spirit of Death
Chapter 5: The Root Spirit of Divination
Chapter 6: The Root Spirit of Error
Chapter 7: The Root of Familiar Spirits
Chapter 8: The Root Spirit of Fear
Chapter 9: The Root Spirit of Heaviness
Chapter 10: The Root Spirit of Infirmity
Chapter 11: The Root Spirit of Jealousy
Chapter 12: The Root Spirit of Lying
Chapter 13: The Root Spirit of Perversity
Chapter 14: The Root Spirit of Pride
Chapter 15: The Root Spirit of Stupor
Chapter 16: The Spirit of Whoredom