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Final Frontiers
Final Frontiers by Joe Ibojie

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Author: Joe Ibojie
Subtitle: Countdown to the Final Showdown
Format: Paperback
Length: 188 Pages
Published: 2010

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The Final Frontiers Countdown to the Final Showdown peers profoundly into the future. It expertly explores the emerging cosmic involvement of the seemingly docile elements of nature and their potential to completely alter the ways of warfare.

In preparation for this impending battle, Christians need to understand the dynamics of their authority and spiritual domain of influence. The power of proclamation and the elemental forces of nature ground, sun, ancient mountains, moon, and the deep water beneath are divine weapons I Gods arsenal.

Christians must not allow the things that are supposed to bless them to become instruments of judgment or punishment. The Final Frontiers provides you with a practical approach to the changing struggles that confront humanity now and in your future.

The Final Frontiers reveals through Scriptures and modern-day experiences:

  • What was lost at the Fall
  • The elements of nature in Gods service
  • How to defeat the devil at the mind game
  • Invisible realms of hell
  • Spiritual weaponry
  • Peace and the ultimate redemption

The earth can either rise up against humankind, or it can be subdued in the service of God. The choice is yours.

Table of Contents


Part 1: The True Conflict on Earth

Chapter 1: The Reality of Our Time

Chapter 2: What We Lost at the Fall of Man

Chapter 3: Origin of the War on Earth

Chapter 4: Fallen Man in a Fallen Earth

Chapter 5: Restoring the Original Harmony Between Man and God

Chapter 6: Elements of Nature in Gods Service

Part 2: The Unfolding Mind Game

Chapter 7: Battle of the Mind

Chapter 8: Defeating the Devil at the Mind Game

Chapter 9: Coming Acts of the Angels

Chapter 10: Two-Kingdom Conflict

Chapter 11: Kingdom of Darkness

Chapter 12: Other Invisible Realms of Hell

Part 3: Spiritual Warfare

Chapter 13: True Spiritual Warfare

Chapter 14: Fighting the Good Fight of Faith

Chapter 15: Understanding Spiritual Weaponry

Part 4: Conclusion

Chapter 16: The War in the Heavenly Realms

Chapter 17: Peace and the Ultimate Redemption of Man and Earth

About the Author

Dr. Joe Ibojie, founder and senior pastor of The Fathers House, travels nationally and internationally as a Bible and prophetic teacher. He combines a unique prophetic gifting with rare insight into the mysteries of God and the ancient biblical methods of understanding dreams and visions. His ministry has blessed thousands by bringing down-to-earth clarity to the prophetic ministry. He is a popular speaker worldwide. He and his wife, Cynthia, live in Aberdeen, Scotland.