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Exploring Heavenly Places Volume 8
Exploring Heavenly Places Volume 8 by Barbara Parker

Price: $12.99
Author: Barbara Parker
Subtitle: Dreamspeak
Format: Paperback
Length: 115 Pages
Published: 2017

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Why would a book about Dreamspeak be included in a series about heavenly places? The answer is simple yet complex. Dreams and visions occur outside of the four dimensions to which we are accustomed and in them, we get a taste of what it is like not to be bound by time and space; in them we have experiences that are seemingly impossible from an earthly perspective. We are allowed opportunities to see into the invisible spiritual realms.

In a dream world, nothing is impossible and we may find ourselves traveling through time, waling on water, breathing under water, flying through the air in a car, or floating through walls. Images may morph from one thing into another or we may experience or view several scenes at once, multitasking in ways that far exceed our physical capabilities. Familiar laws of physics do not apply as gravity disappears, animals speak, inanimate objects dissolve and we pass through star gates.

This book is about the author’s personal journey into dream interpretation. It’s much more of a this-is-how-God-does-it-with-me account than a one size fits all instruction manual, which hopefully will encourage others to venture out into the heavenly realms of dream exploration.

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: Dreamspeak
Chapter 2: Parables in the Night
Chapter 3: Conversations
Chapter 4: My Take on Dreams
Chapter 5: Dimensionality
Chapter 6: Poof and It’s Gone!
Chapter 7: Unforgettable
Chapter 8: It Bears Repeating
Chapter 9: Do the Research
Chapter 10: Wise Counsel
Chapter 11: Twilight Time
Chapter 12: A God’s Eye View
Chapter 13: Why and What If?
Chapter 14: Intentionality
Chapter 15: Discernment
Chapter 16: Deliverance
Chapter 17: A Backdoor Prayer
Chapter 18: Evangelism
Chapter 19: Behold He Comes
Chapter 20: Guidance and Encouragement
Chapter 21: Dead Dreams
Chapter 22: A Land Before Time
Chapter 23: Reflections
Chapter 24: Testimonies
Chapter 25: Warning! Handle with Care
Chapter 26: Conclusion
Appendix 1: Prayer to Release Dreams
Appendix 2: Practical Application Summary
Appendix 3: Recommended Resources

About the Author:
Barbara Parker, founder of Standing in Faith Ministries, endeavors to serve others by sharing the faith lessons God has taught her through the everyday trails of life. A survivor of breast cancer and several other major illnesses, she holds the unshakable belief that God is big enough to handle any problem that life throws at you. It is this faith that enabled her to work as a hospice nurse, providing comfort to the dying and their loved ones. Barbara and her husband, Jack, live in Southern California and have one son and three grandchildren.