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Everyday Angels
Everyday Angels by Charity Virkler Kayembe and Joe Brock

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Author: Charity Virkler Kayembe and Joe Brock
Subtitle: How to Encounter, Experience, and Engage Angels in Everyday Life
Format: Paperback
Length: 268 Pages
Published: 2018

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The supernatural realm permeates our natural world! Therefore, experiencing angels should be an everyday occurrence – we simply need t open our spiritual eyes to their reality and role in our lives.

God’s angels are always ready to assist those who have inherited salvation. Through powerful stories of angelic experiences and insightful teaching on the presence of angels, authors Charity Virkler Kayembe and Joe Brock reveal how angelic encounters are not reserved to a few favored individuals but are for everyone!

Learn how to increase your awareness of the angelic so you can work together with God’s ministering spirits every day. Discover how readily accessible this supernatural lifestyle really is!

Everyday Angels will show you:
  • God’s design and purpose for angels and the vital roles they play in the spiritual landscape.
  • The supernatural activity of angels throughout Scripture, from Genesis to Revelation, and how you can receive this same angelic assistance.
  • The personalities and diversity of angels that God created as relational beings.
  • Angles are your joint warriors and members of God’s end-time army intended to position you for victory, miracles, and divine intervention.

Open your spiritual eyes to the amazing unseen world of angles and start experiencing them today!

Table of Contents:
Foreword by Joshua Mills
Preface by Dr. Mark Virkler
Prologue by Charity Kayembe
Introduction by Joe Brock
Chapter 1: Angels 101: A Biblical Overview by Charity Kayembe
Chapter 2: My Divine Journey by Joe Brock
Chapter 3: Look-Alike Angels: Their Personas, Personalities, and Preferences by Charity Kayembe
Chapter 4: Barriers of Angels in the Boroughs of New York City by Joe Brock
Chapter 5: Personal Angels: Our Match Made in Heaven by Charity Kayembe
Chapter 6: Assignment at the United Nations: Freeing the Eagle by Joe Brock
Chapter 7: Living with Angels: Real-Time Conversations and Reality Checks by Charity Kayembe
Chapter 8: Washington, DC: Explosion in the Heavenlies Part 1 by Joe Brock
Chapter 9: Washington, DC: Explosion in the Heavenlies Part 2 by Joe Brock
Chapter 10: Angelic Interaction: Dangerous or Divine? by Charity Kayembe
Chapter 11: The Sacred Supernatural: Rules for Engagement by Charity Kayembe
Chapter 12: Angelic Activation: How to See in the Spirit by Charity Kayembe
Chapter 13: Paris: The Watcher on the Eiffel Tower by Joe Brock
Chapter 14: Timeless: Living in the Eternal Now of God by Charity Kayembe
Chapter 15: Testimonies from Around the World by Charity Kayembe
Chapter 16: Final Thoughts by Joe Brock
Epilogue: Just the Beginning by Charity Kayembe
Appendix A: How to Be Born of the Spirit by Dr Mark Virkler
Appendix B: How to Hear God’s Voice by Dr Mark Virkler
Appendix C: Does the Bible Talk About Angels?
365 Scriptural References


Since reading Everyday Angels I’ve had the exciting experience of seeing angels everywhere I go. Even more exciting than that, I have learned to co-labor with them. I’ve seen miracles as I’ve asked by co-laborers (angels) to bring God’s conviction and healing to those who were not with me.

I’m still learning, but Everyday Angels has systematically disassembled many of the misconceptions I grew up with regarding angels. Most of my theology has come from things I’ve heard people say. In fact, to be honest, all my theology about angels was hearsay. I never did due diligence to study the matter out for myself. Charity and Joe have done a lot of the work for us and I commend their book as a worthy read for rethinking your concepts of relating to angels.

The proof is in the fruit and I can attest to a greater sense of living in the Spirit and seeing miracles since I’ve read their book. Take the time to carefully read it for yourself and draw your own conclusions.
Tim Madden, YWAM Crossroads DTS Leader, Kona, Hawaii

About the Authors:
Charity Virkler Kayembe is passionate about the sacred supernatural and making the mystical practical in believers’ everyday lives. She has a Doctorate in Biblical Studies and writes about her unfolding adventure that is walking by the Spirit on her blog at GloryWaves.org. Charity’s international outreach has taken her to over 60 nations on six continents. She and her husband live in upstate New York.

Joe Brock has nearly 25 years in pastoral, prophetic, and deliverance ministry. He has a B.A. in Christian Ministries (Bethel College, IN) and is currently working towards a Th.D. through Christian Leadership University. Joe began encountering the angelic around 10 years ago and has seen their involvement in his life increase steadily. It is Joe’s truest desire to help those he can through the transitions of their faith.