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Eternity Invading Time
Eternity Invading Time by Renny McLean

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Author: Renny McLean
Format: Paperback
Length: 207 Pages

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In the Old Testament, Gods people saw His in a cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night. In the New Testament, the religious would thought they had God in a box behind the veil. When Jesus died, the veil was rent and God went public.

In an ever changing world where the darkness prides itself by proclaiming they have psychic insights for every person, the church has become anemic, without as much as a sign, a miracle or a wonder.

Where do we go from here?

Faith is at a level the church has never known before. It is a faith being seen in the here and now. We must understand what Jesus meant when He said, I only do what I hear and what I see My Father do and say.

You are about to enter that eternal zone, where time is losing its grip on the earth. Eternity is Invading Time.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: My Life as a Child

Chapter 2: The Creation of Time

Chapter 3: The Realm of Prophetic Vision

Chapter 4: Perceiving the Realm of the Miraculous

Chapter 5: There Is a New Sound in the Earth

Chapter 6: The DNA of the Body of Christ

Chapter 7: The Heavens and Those Who Inhabit It

Chapter 8: Eternity! Where Faith Reaches the Time Zone of God

Chapter 9: Dominion Over Time

Chapter 10: Breaking the Laws of Time

Chapter 11: The Renewed Mind

Chapter 12: Religion Conforms to Earth

Chapter 13: Breakthrough

Chapter 14: Knowledge of the Glory

Chapter 15: Knowing the Realm

Chapter 16: The Supernatural Realm of the Spirit

Chapter 17: The Universe of Our Faith

Chapter 18: Ridding Religious Doctrine

Chapter 19: What Matters Is the Heart

Chapter 20: Revival and Harvest

About the Author

Renny McLean was born and raised in London possessing an unusual heritage, Caribbean and Jewish decent. He has been married for 22 years, has three children and now resides in Dallas, Texas. He and his wife are co-founders of Global Glory Ministry. Renny presents the Gospel in the now with the present workings of the Holy Spirit.