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Entering Into Ministry Vol 1
Entering Into Ministry Vol 1 by Jorn Overby

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Author: Jorn Overby
Subtitle: The Concept and Characteristics of the New Testament Ministries
Format: Paperback
Length: 237 Pages
Published: 2021

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This book is the first of five volumes in the series Entering into Ministry – covering all the ministries we find in the New Testament. Introducing you to the concepts and characteristics of serving in the universal Church, it opens with outlining the necessary foundation for any ministry, namely your identity as a believer in Jesus and a follower of Him – a disciple.

The life and position of Jesus as both God’s suffering servant and God’s anointed and King is portrayed, as well as His earthly ministry – preaching and teaching the Word, the miracles, and disciple and leadership training. His serving heart and divine anointing and authority is the model for all Christian service.

The book then deals with God’s calling upon our life, the anointing of the Holy Spirit over our ministry, and the gifts and talents He has given to each individual. Basic teamwork principles are highlighted, including the importance of personal quality work, stewardship, unity, and delegating authority. Finally, fostering personal integrity and public quality is described as an imperative for establishing a sound and healthy ministry.

Table of Contents:


Chapter 1: A Believer and a Disciple – The Natural Foundation for the Ministry

Chapter 2: Key Words in the New Testament

Chapter 3: Jesus is Our Example

Chapter 4: Jesus’ Earthly Ministry

Chapter 5: Our Calling

Chapter 6: The Anointing

Chapter 7: Gifting and Talents

Chapter 8: Teamwork Principles I – Work and Stewardship

Chapter 9: Teamwork Principles II – Unity, Subordination and Delegated Authority

Chapter 10: The Process of Establishing a Ministry – Fostering Integrity and Public Quality


A Five-Fold Vision for the Great Commission

About the Author:

Jorn Overby is born of Norwegian missionaries to Bangladesh and spent his childhood on the Indian subcontinent. He received his MDiv in 1981 and pioneered and pastored a church in Oslo. He is the director of Missions Thrust International, founded in 1990, and has over the last 25 years conducted interdenominational pastors and leadership seminars as well as evangelistic campaigns in almost 50 nations around the world. Jorn resides with his wife, Borghild, in Oslo, Norway.