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En Punto
En Punto by C. R. Oliver

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Author: C. R. Oliver
Subtitle: Arriving at THERE: a Study in Spiritual Exactness
Format: Paperback
Length: 252 Pages
Published: 2002

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One of the deep premises of this text is that somehow through the ages following the early church, the true model for ministry has been lost or changed. En Punto is about restoring that model. Compromising tolerance characterizes the demeanor of the church in the Twenty-first Century. En Punto stands as a challenge to this Un-Divine Order. Somewhere in the realm of Christendom, there must arise a clear call to strict obedience to the Holy Spirit. When the new millennium arrived, spiritual history changed forever. En Punto declares this new day as important to world history as A.D. was to B.C. The old order is forever done with as the Lord establishes a dominion in the hearts of people unparalleled in spiritual history. He is assembling His Church, one that hears His voice and does only what He instructs. En Punto is about that body of believers.

Table of Contents




Chapter 1: En Punto/A Study in Spiritual Exactness

Chapter 2: A Study in the Practice of En Punto: Philip and the Early Disciples

Chapter 3: Paul, a True Son of Benjamin/Symbolic Analysis of Benjamin and Judah/Paul and Jesus

Chapter 4: Gods Timetable, Not Mans/A New Perspective from Esther to Acts

Chapter 5: The Burden of Spiritual Relativism/Study of Saul and the Church

Chapter 6: Ezekiel, Prophet of Exactness (En Punto)

Chapter 7: A Tale of Two Situations: Studies in Modern Exactness (En Punto)

Chapter 8: Jeremiahs En Punto Experience

Chapter 9: Jesus, Epitome of En Punto

Chapter 10: Spheres of Authority

Chapter 11: The Place called There

Chapter 12: Every Man in Position

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C. R. Oliver, PhD, is a retired professor of Philosophy and Behavioral Science. Dr. Oliver is also an ordained minister. During his 40 years as minister and college professor, Dr. Oliver has acquired an understanding of the Bible from a missions perspective. Having served in 54 countries and extensively in Latin America, his life experiences allow him to draw upon a large frame of international reverence. As President of OEA, Intl., a on-profit missions organization, he is in contact with missionary enterprises worldwide. He is the author of Solomons Secret, a commentary on the Song of Solomon (1999), Sons of Zadok (2000) and Called to Be Saints (2008). He is married to Betty A. Oliver, a retired professor of English.