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Emotions by Rick Sizemore

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Author: Rick Sizemore
Subtitle: What They Are and What We Do With Them
Format: Paperback
Length: 277 Pages
Published: 2019

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Is your heart heavy? Are you joyful? Are you depressed? Do you know why? Many Christians have come to believe that their emotions are dangerous and untrustworthy, but that isn’t what God’s Word teaches. Emotions are a God-created gift that can help you live life to its fullest. The simple key is to understand them and what they are signaling.

Your emotions can tell you when you’re listening to the enemy’s lies. They can show you what’s going on in your spiritual environment. They can even alert you to what’s happening in another person’s heart. This book is filled with life changing information that will help you leave emotional bondage behind and walk into the freedom of God. Your heart will thank you for reading this book!

Table of Contents:
Part 1: God Created You to Feel
Chapter 1: An Introduction to Emotions
Chapter 2: When Your Emotions Shut Down

Part 2: What are Physical Emotions?
Chapter 3: An Introduction to Physical Emotions

Part 3: What are Soulish Emotions?
Chapter 4: An Introduction to Soulish Emotions
Chapter 5: Common Soulish Emotions
Chapter 6: What Does the Soulish Emotion Mean?
Chapter 7: Responding to Soulish Emotions Part 1: Truth-Based Emotions
Chapter 8: Responding to Soulish Emotions Part 2: Lie-Based Emotions

Part 4: What are Spiritual Emotions?
Chapter 9: An Introduction to Spiritual Emotions
Chapter 10: Coloring Outside the Lines: How External Events Can Cause Spiritual Emotions
Chapter 11: Coloring Inside the Lines: How Internal Events Can Cause Spiritual Emotions
Chapter 12: Spiritual Emotions and Times

Part 5: The Complete Picture
Chapter 13: How It All Works Together
Appendix: Biblical Answers to Common Emotions
Emotions Chart