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Entering Into Ministry Vol 2
Entering Into Ministry Vol 2 by Jorn Overby

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Author: Jorn Overby
Subtitle: The Believer's Ministry - Spiritual and Motivational Gifts - Corporate Priestly Ministry
Format: Paperback
Length: 367 Pages
Published: 2021

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This book is the second of five volumes in the series Entering into Ministry covering all the ministries we find in the New Testament. In its first section you will be introduced to the believer’s ministry – what every believer and disciple of Jesus Christ can do and should do – doing what Jesus did.

Section two explains how the Holy Spirit equips us with the nine revelation gifts, making us fully capable to witness to non-believers as well as edifying and strengthening our fellow believers in the church. In addition, every believer will have one or more of the seven motivational gifts releasing his or her gifts and talents related to each individual personality to fully cater for all needs in the Body of Christ.

Finally, section three highlights the importance of understanding the nature and operation of the corporate priestly ministry – how all believers participate in unity in worship and intercession as priests in the New Covenant under our High Priest Jesus Christ. It also portrays what the Old and New Testament have to say about the anointed prophetic music and song, as well as touching the gifts of art and craftsmanship.

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: A Short History and an Overview of Ministries

Section 1: The Common Believer’s Ministry
Chapter 2: Empowered to Be a Witness
Chapter 3: Becoming a Friend and in Due Time Sharing Your Testimony
Chapter 4: The Great Commission and the Seven-Stage Rocket
Chapter 5: Discipling the New Believer in Your Home

Section 2: The Particular Ministries
Chapter 6: The Revelation Gifts – Basic and Common Perspective
Chapter 7: The Revelation Gifts in the Church – Paul’s Introduction and How They Come to Us
Chapter 8: The Revelation Gifts – Each Explained
Chapter 9: The Motivational Gifts
Chapter 10: According to Faith – Prophet and Deacon
Chapter 11: According to Faith – Teacher and Exhorter
Chapter 12: With Added Attitude – Giver, Manager, and Ministry of Mercy

Section 3: The Corporate Priestly Ministry in the Church
Chapter 13: Priestly Ministries of Worship – Music and Art – Old Testament Background
Chapter 14: The Common Priestly Ministry in the New Testament Church – Worship and Intercession in the Holy Spirit with Prophetic Music and Song
A Five-Fold Vision for the Great Commission

About the Author:
Jorn Overby is born of Norwegian missionaries to Bangladesh and spent his childhood on the Indian subcontinent. He received his MDiv in 1981 and pioneered and pastored a church in Oslo. He is the director of Missions Thrust International, founded in 1990, and has over the last 25 years conducted interdenominational pastors and leadership seminars as well as evangelistic campaigns in almost 50 nations around the world. Jorn resides with his wife, Borghild, in Oslo, Norway.