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Dirty Glory
Dirty Glory by Pete Greig

Price: $16.99
Author: Pete Greig
Subtitle: Go Where Your Best Prayer Takes You
Format: Paperback
Length: 336 Pages
Published: 2016

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You were created to walk and talk with the living God. Prayer is the most natural, powerful, and universal expression of Christian faith. Why then is it sometimes so difficult?

Continuing the adventures described in his bestselling memoir Red Moon Rising. Pete Greig reveals the struggles, miracles, and hard-won insights gleaned from fifteen years of 24-7 prayer, mission and justice.

Dirty Glory will ignite fresh passion in your soul, inspiring you to pray and equipping you to convey God’s glory in a dirty world.

Table of Contents:
Foreword by Gear Grylls
Chapter 1: Punk Messiah
Presence – Encountering God
Chapter 2: The Time of Our Lives
Chapter 3: Encounter Culture
Chapter 4: The Presence Paradigm
Prayer – God’s Presence in Power
Chapter 5: All Hell
Chapter 6: Super Bowl
Chapter 7: Blue Camp
Mission – God’s Presence in the Culture
Chapter 8: Strange Angels
Chapter 9: Porky the Pirate
Chapter 10: Word on the Street
Justice – God’s Presence in the Poor
Chapter 11: Boy’s Town
Chapter 12: The Foundry
Chapter 13: Dirty Dancing
Joy – God’s Presence in Us
Chapter 14: Let Us Begin
Study Guide
Disclaimer about Miracles
A Note to My American Friends (with Glossary)
Index of Bible References
About the Author

Few people stir my heart and challenge my faith like Pete Greig. In Red Moon Rising and now with Dirty Glory, Pete steps into my walk with Jesus and calls me to a journey of prayer that is raw and challenges the status quo at every turn. Before I was even through the introduction of Dirty Glory, I could feel my heart coming alive to what Jesus calls every believer to. That is a life lived with radical abandonment and childlike faith. A passion to see others experience the real and authentic touch of God in their lives. We were always meant to live on the edge, in the middle of the chaos, lifting up our hearts in prayer. We are to reach out to the broken and destitute. I am so grateful for the voice that Pete has been in my life, calling me out of the mundane and into the radical life of following Jesus and praying as he prayed.
Banning Liebscher, Pastor and founder of Jesus Culture

Pete Greig is a unique voice in the church, and this is a unique book. His words cut through any unnecessary religiosity but always remain reverent. Pete argues that the pressing need today is not for greater spiritual activity but for greater spiritual authority – and that the key to this is prayer. Nothing is sanitized here – this is a call to get your hands gloriously dirty in the service of God and to cry out in prayer for the world he so loves.
Matt Redman, Songwriter

About the Author:
Pete Greig pastors Emmaus Rd in Guildford, England, and champion the 24-7 Prayer movement around the world. He teaches at St. Mellitus College in London and serves as a vice president of the NGO Tearfund. His bestselling books include Red Moon Rising and God on Mute.