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Devil, Demons, and Spiritual Warfare
Devil, Demons, and Spiritual Warfare by Tom Brown

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Author: Tom Brown
Subtitle: Power to Engage and Defeat Demonic Forces
Format: Paperback
Length: 230 Pages

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Our most powerful enemy has many names Satan, the devil, the evil one, the serpent. No matter what you call him, he seeks to conquer and destroy your spirit, soul, and body. But the power God has made available to you is far greater than anything in Satans realm.

Through this book, you will learn how to:

  • Be empowered to resist Satans attacks
  • Conquer entrenched sins and habits
  • Overcome your temptations
  • Pray and see miracles happen
  • Release others from spiritual bondage

Realize that Jesus drove out demons and you can do the same. The time is now for you to defeat Satan and live a life of power and victory!

Table of Contents


Part 1: The Devil

Chapter 1: The Villain

Chapter 2: The Villains Plot

Chapter 3: Satan is Disarmed

Part 2: Demons and Deliverance

Chapter 4: How to Cast out Demons

Chapter 5: Can Christians Have Demons?

Chapter 6: Open Doors for Demons

Chapter 7: Two Extreme Views Concerning Deliverance

Chapter 8: How to Overcome the Flesh

Part 3: Spiritual Warfare

Chapter 9: What are Fallen Angels?

Chapter 10: How to Deal with Fallen Angels

Chapter 11: The Battleground of the Mind

Chapter 12: Seven Ways Christians Give Ground to Satan

Chapter 13: Why Godly People Fall

Chapter 14: Delusional Thoughts

Chapter 15: How to Get your Mind Back

Chapter 16: Satans Final Judgment

About the Author

Tom Brown is best known for his deliverance ministry. Millions have seen him on ABCs 20/20 as well as MSNBC and The History Channel. He is a noted conference speaker, prolific author, and committed pastor. Tom resides in El Paso, Texas with his beautiful wife and wonderful children.