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Deliverance from Toxic Memories
Deliverance from Toxic Memories by Ken and Jeanne Harrington

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Author: Ken and Jeanne Harrington
Subtitle: Weapons to Overcome Destructive Thought Patterns in Your Life
Format: Paperback
Length: 318 Pages
Published: 2013

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When a young elephant is chained up by its trainer, the animal’s initial response is to try and escape. Several attempts later, the elephant recognizes that freedom is not possible and accepts the chains as normal. Once this is “learned”, the trainer can use a simple rope to hold one of the most powerful animals!

The same thing happens to many people with their minds. They become used to unhealthy patterns of thinking and destructive memories. Sadly, it becomes embraced as “normal life.” This is not God’s perfect will for you!

Authors Ken and Jeanne Harrington provide extensive research and relevant Bible teaching empowering you to experience freedom today by:

  • Understanding how toxic memories negatively impact your physical and spiritual health
  • Exposing the lies you believe about yourself and replace them with transformational truth
  • Positioning you to live in the love and complete forgiveness of God
Reclaim your memories and take your life back!

Table of Contents:

Section A: Physical Aspects of Memory
Chapter 1: Memory Formation
Chapter 2: Memory Physiology
Chapter 3: The Heart
Chapter 4: Is Stress Killing You!
Section B: Deliverance from Toxic Memories
Chapter 5: Healing Toxic Memories
Chapter 6: Thinking Right
Chapter 7: Dealing with Toxic Thoughts
Section C: Preventing the Formation of Toxic Memories
Chapter 8: Analyzing Our Thoughts
Chapter 9: Trouble: the Door to Our Destiny
Chapter 10: See Jesus; See the New You
Chapter 11: The Truth
Chapter 12: Grateful Heart, Peaceful Rest
Appendix A: The Stress Scale
Appendix B: The Zung Self-rating Depression Scale
Appendix C: Novaco Anger Inventory


Ground-breaking revelation on how to dismantle a lifetime of toxic thinking that interferes with your peace and destiny in God!
Sid Roth, Host, It’s Supernatural!, Charlotte, North Carolina

This is a book that will help bring deliverance from those bad choices and memories of the past and release you, by His grace, to be the person God created you to be. This book exposes the world we live in but exalts the Word we must live by to experience true deliverance.
John M. Doyle, Executive Director, Cape Missions International, Cape Town, South Africa

Deliverance from Toxic Memories is a book that will set you free from past traumas, start the healing process both mentally and physically, and set you on the path toward your destiny. Ken and Jeanne have laid out the necessary tools to develop thought patterns that will prevent your past from dictating your future. Understanding the mystery of the mind/body/spirit connections opens fascinating possibilities to bring wholeness to broken lives. Read it; it will change the way you think about thinking.
Stacey Campbell, Prophet; Co-founder and Director, RevivalNow! Ministries

Once again, Ken and Jeanne have brought us a book that empowers believers. The first part of the book explains the physiology of the brain, the wonder of how God created a brain to retain and retrain. The neuroplasticity of the brain has been a hot topic over the past number of years; Ken and Jeanne bring the science of this in a style that is informative and understandable. With their trademark transparent style they share their experience, bring truth, give foundations, and equip. I want to applaud you for this immensely engaging read. Thanks.
Katie Wiedrick, Wiedrick and Associates Apostolic Ministries

About the Authors:

Ken and Jeanne Harrington are prophetic teachers and authors who have ministered healing and hope to people for over 40 years. Their teaching ministry, which includes counseling, writing, and inspirational conferences, has been used on four continents. Through their charitable organization, Treasure chest Ministries, they assist in equipping churches and training ministries in some of the world’s poorest areas.