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Deep Relief Now
Deep Relief Now by Dennis and Jen Clark

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Author: Dennis and Dr. Jen Clark
Subtitle: Healed, Free, Whole
Format: Paperback
Length: 219 Pages
Published: 2014

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Go beyond self help and get spiritual help! A time comes for everyone when theories and mental exercises just don’t cut it, and you need something more to heal your pain. It’s time to go beyond merely easing the hurt, and move towards complete, deep relief!

Dennis and Dr. Jen Clark share Biblical tools that will show you how to experience healing by living in the Spirit. This revolutionary new approach is a lifestyle adjustment that helps you break the continuous cycle of pain, and step into a new way of living – healed, free, and whole.
You will learn to:

  • Break unforgiveness in your life by developing the fruit of the Spirit
  • Overcome negative emotions that keep you from enjoying God’s presence
  • Experience supernatural peace and relief like never before
Because of Christ, you have received powerful tools capable of transforming the way you live. Deep Relief Now shows you how to put these tools into practice, break the pain cycle, and start living a healed lifestyle!

Table of Contents:

Preface: Why You Need This Book
Part 1: Discovering Deep Relief Now
Chapter 1: Hitting Bottom, Finding Forgiveness
Chapter 2: A Counselor in Need of Healing
Chapter 3: A Pastor at the End of His Rope
Chapter 4: Our Stories Intersect: Making All Things New
Part 2: The Power of Simple Prayer
Interlude: The Purpose of Simple Prayer
Chapter 5: Connecting in the Spiritual Realm
Chapter 6: Location, Location, Location
Chapter 7: Learning Another Language
Chapter 8: Lord, Teach Me to Pray
Part 3: Healing Prayer
Interlude: Healing Emotional Pain
Chapter 9: What Must I Do to Be Saved?
Chapter 10: Christ the Forgiver
Chapter 11: Easy Does It
Chapter 12: The God-Tools
Chapter 13: God Inside the Loop
Chapter 14: Forgive 1-2-3
Conclusion: Ready to Receive Deep Relief Now?
Appendix: More Testimonies


Deep Relief Now is an essential primer on how to set yourself free from a multitude of hurts, experiences, and relationships that have pursued you and prevented you from enjoying the shalom that is available to you. Whether you are a brand-new convert or not even a convert yet – or you have been in ministry for years – the chances are very strong that there are things holding you back from fulfilling you heavenly assignments. This book will talk you through the steps to freedom – the shalom given to you in John 14:27. Translated “peace,” shalom is much more than that: it means that everything is complete, there is ample provision, no conflict, divine health, and every relationship is in order: it means there is no injustice and no pain! Deep Relief Now takes you through a process, and on the way you will enjoy the testimonies of Dennis and Jennifer. You will sense their personalities and develop a relationship just by reading their stories. As they weave their ministry for you, the style will hole our attention and hold your hand as you walk through the process. The focus on forgiveness is a major building block of Christian living, often a stumbling block that both Dennis and Jennifer help you to overcome.
William J. Morford, Shalom Ministries

Many books have been written on this subject. Deep Relief Now is the only one that shows you how to receive inner healing quickly and completely!
Sid Roth, Host, It’s Supernatural

Deep Relief Now has precious gems of “gut level” tools of release and restoration – it is a must-read for the turbulent times we are navigating through. This book is a brilliantly honest assessment of the what, why, and how-tos to dealing with the burden of the unhealed. Get two copies and give one away!
Mickey Robinson, Prophetic Destiny International

About the Author:

Dennis and Dr. Jen Clark minister together as a husband and wife team, pasturing Kingdom Life church in Fort Mill, South Carolina. They are also founder/directors of Full Stature Ministries. Dr. Jen holds a Th.D. in theology and B.S., M.S. and Ed.S. degrees in psychology.