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Create Your World
Create Your World by Patricia King

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Author: Patricia King
Subtitle: Activating Your God-Given Power to Create Realms..
Format: Paperback
Length: 200 Pages
Published: 2012

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Want to hear something amazing? You have the power to create your world!

Thats right you are the architect of your reality. Here is the key: You are made in Gods image, and in His great love for you He has provided everything you need to create an amazing world for yourself rich with purpose, blessing, and fulfillment. No matter how your life looks today, God wants to show you how to be a builder of reality, a shaper of realms, and a creator of atmospheres.

Begin learning today. Dig into the biblical revelations Patricia King shares, and learn to inhabit the goodness of God no matter what is going on in the world around you!

Table of Contents

Foreword by Mark Chironna

Foreword by Graham Cooke

Chapter 1: The Gate to Goodness

Chapter 2: Defining Realms and Atmospheres

Chapter 3: Key 1: The Power of Knowing Who You Are!

Chapter 4: Key 2: The Power of Abiding in Christ

Chapter 5: Key 3: The Power of Worship and Devotion

Chapter 6: Key 4: The Power to Create Through Your Beliefs

Chapter 7: Key 5: The Power to Create Through Praise and Thanksgiving

Chapter 8: Key 6: The Power of the Spoken Word

Chapter 9: Key 7: The Power to Create Through Sowing and Reaping

Chapter 10: Key 8: The Power to Create Through the Tithe

Chapter 11: Key 9: The Power to Create Through Focus and Passion

Chapter 12: Key 10: The Power to Create Through Action and Aesthetics

Chapter 13: Key 11: The Power to Create Through Association

Chapter 14: Key 12: The Power to Create Through Overcoming

Chapter 15: Lets Get Started Creating Your World

Chapter 16: Do You Know Your Creator?

Bonus Book: God Loves You . . . With an Everlasting Love

Chapter 1: The God Kind of Love

Chapter 2: God Chose You!

Chapter 3: The Amazing Good News

Chapter 4: Loves Greatest Tests

Chapter 5: For All People and For All Time

Chapter 6: A Decree


As I read this book, I was stirred immediately. This book will enrich all who read it. Patricia unfolds, and brings understanding to, the power in our ability to speak and be in agreement with the heart of the Lord, who establishes, sets in and changes the atmospheres around us for our lives, families, communities and nation. I would recommend this book to be one of those must reads. Patricia isnt just writing a book. Shes sharing out of her own walk and spiritual understanding to impact your everyday life. This book will be an eye opener for you to walk in greater levels of breakthrough.

Keith Miller, Stand Firm World Missions

By understanding the power of your choices, thoughts, associations, and so much more, you can see Gods fullest and richest blessings released. Get ready to overcome a life of defeat and mediocrity and excel into the success and favor you were destined to have. As you read and apply the principles of this book, your relationships, health, finances, ad overall state of being will be supernaturally blessed by God! This book is a must read for those who want to live in maximum blessing.

Matt Sorger, President, Matt Sorger Ministries

About the Author

Patricia King has been a pioneering voice in ministry for more than 30 years. She has written numerous books, produced many CDs and DVDs, hosts her TV program Patricia King Everlasting Love, and is the CEO of the online media network XPMedia.com.