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Called to be Saints
Called to be Saints

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Author: C. R. Oliver
Format: Paperback
Length: 213 Pages

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Every effort from hell is directed against the saints of God. That is the truest evaluation of modern times that can be drawn. Governments, religious citadels, educational enterprises and societies have declared open war on the saints, and God is still their only resource. Biblical prophecy concludes that the intensity of opposition to the saints will increase in breadth and severity, so it is necessary to define terms and review the class.

This being the case, it behooves everyone who names the Name to have a clear picture of who the saints are in order to make their own calling and election sure. This calling is found in Romans 1 and I Corinthians 1. There the phrase which is repeated in both books, written by Paul, is the phrase, Called to be saints. Paul used this phrase in relation to Jew and Gentile, for he knew there is no other calling higher, no greater designation than to be among their ranks and no more powerful position to occupy than that of being a saint.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Saints Alive

Chapter 2: Repository of the Saints

Chapter 3: Fellowship of the Saints

Chapter 4: Royalty of the Saints

Chapter 5: Inheritance of the Saints

Chapter 6: Ministering to the Saints

Chapter 7: The Holy Tree

Chapter 8: The Prayers of the Saints, Part 1

Chapter 9: The Prayers of the Saints, Part 2

Chapter 10: The Rejoicing of the Saints

Chapter 11: The Patience and Faith of the Saints

Chapter 12: The Persecution of the Saints

Chapter 13: The Protection of the Saints

Chapter 14: The Boldness of the Saints

Chapter 15: The Covenant of the Saints

Chapter 16: Saints as Judges

Chapter 17: Saints, the Excellent Ones

Chapter 18: The Cohesion of the Saints

Chapter 19: Saints as Sons

Chapter 20: Sheep Saints