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Building on the Rock 1
Building on the Rock 1 by Peter Horrobin

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Author: Peter Horrobin
Subtitle: Understanding the Gospel and Living It Out - Journey to Freedom Series
Format: Paperback
Length: 263 Pages
Published: 2019

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What does your heart hope for? Is it for relief from nagging anxiety or despair? Are you weighted down with feelings of unworthiness? Do you long for freedom from illness or anger? Or maybe you simply struggle to keep a positive outlook day by day.

In this foundational and inspirational work, Peter Horrobin helps you find firm ground. He will open your eyes to the powerful message of the Gospel at work in your life. Once you understand the basis of your faith, you will rejoice to see how close you are to deep healing, restoration and freedom. From this vantage point, the path before you will open into a beautiful story of life transformation, guided by the One who cares zealously for you!

Table of Contents:
Stage 1: My Life in God’s Hands
Chapter 1: The “God-Box”
Chapter 2: My Life – Made for Living
Chapter 3: My Place in God’s World
Chapter 4: My Destiny in God’s Hands
Chapter 5: My Security in God’s Love

Stage 2: Vital Foundations
Chapter 6: Eternity in the Heart of Man
Chapter 7: The Father’s Heart for You and Me
Chapter 8: Sin – Rebellion That Separates from God
Chapter 9: Jesus – Savior and Friend of Sinners
Chapter 10: Holy Spirit – Empowerment for God’s People

Stage 3: The Bible – My Guide for Life
Chapter 11: God’s Amazing Letter to the Human Race
Chapter 12: Feeding on the Living Bread
Chapter 13: Taking It All In
Chapter 14: Guidance for Daily Living
Chapter 15: Encouragement and Inspiration at All Times

Stage 4: The Vital Breath of Prayer
Chapter 16: Prayer – The Christian’s Vital Breath
Chapter 17: The Lord’s Prayer – Worship and Adoration
Chapter 18: The Lord’s Prayer – Kingdom Authority and Trust
Chapter 19: The Lord’s Prayer – Forgiveness
Chapter 20: The Lord’s Prayer – Crying Out to God

Stage 5: Healed for a Purpose
Chapter 21: What Does Healing Mean?
Chapter 22: Why Do I Need Healing?
Chapter 23: Generational Issues
Chapter 24: Things That Have Happened to Me
Chapter 25: What Have I Done?

Stage 6: Equipped to Serve
Chapter 26: Healing for Disciples
Chapter 27: Healing for the Inner Man
Chapter 28: Set Free to Serve
Chapter 29: Ready for Action
Chapter 30: The Joy of Serving God
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If you are serious about wanting to experience the dep truths of God in your life, then this is possibly the most relevant and pertinent tool of ministry I have discovered. It is insightful, challenging and informative. I heartily endorse this tool of transformation and challenge you to read it and prepare for change!
Alistair Petrie, executive director, Partnership Ministries

About the Author:
Peter Horrobin is the founder and international director of Ellel Ministries. There are more than 50 Ellel operations in more than 35 countries. Each center provides training courses, schools, and opportunities for personal prayer ministry. Peter is a graduate of Oxford University and was a successful publisher before starting Ellel in 1986. Peter and his wife, Fiona, live near the first Ellel center, Ellel Grange, in Lancashire, England.