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Break Loose
Break Loose by George Bloomer

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Author: George Bloomer
Subtitle: Find Freedom from Toxic Traps and Spiritual Bondage
Format: Paperback
Length: 220 Pages
Published: 2017

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Best-selling author George Bloomer explains how you can get unstuck from bondage to debt, depression, sickness, and toxic relationships. You and your loved ones can be set free from longstanding addictions and anything else hindering you from an abundant, joy-filled life. God’s healing will lead to healing of others in your church, neighborhood, and community, setting off a chain reaction of freedom, forgiveness, and love that will have an eternal impact.

Break every chain. Throw off every burned. Embrace God’s new beginning for your life!

Table of Contents:

Foreword by Rod Parsley

Introduction: How Did You Get Stuck?

Chapter 1: A Woman Who Got Set Free

Chapter 2: Take Off Your Graveclothes

Chapter 3: Get Out of the Miry Clay

Chapter 4: Tear Off Your Scarlet Letters

Chapter 5: Your Invitation to a Party

Chapter 6: He’s Still Turning Water into Wine

Chapter 7: The Pit, the Prison, and the Palace

Chapter 8: Rescued from Slavery

Chapter 9: Applying the Promises

Chapter 10: Take Back What the Enemy Stole

Chapter 11: Have You Accepted Your Freedom?

Chapter 12: Be Loosed from a False Identity

Chapter 13: Stand in Your True Identity

Chapter 14: Escape from the House of Mirrors

Chapter 15: It’s Time to Fly

Chapter 16: Delivered from Lo Debar

Chapter 17: Don’t Just Sit There

Chapter 18: Freed in the Furnace

Chapter 19: Following the Great Liberator

Chapter 20: Ready for a New Beginning?

Chapter 21: Leave Your Past Behind

Chapter 22: Freed from Sin and Shame

Chapter 23: Loosed from Old-Time Religion

Chapter 24: Freed from Torment

Chapter 25: Overcoming Offenses

Chapter 26: The Cure for Bitterness

Chapter 27: Overcoming Failure

Chapter 28: When You Need to Get Unstuck

Chapter 29: Steps to Your Breakout Moment

Chapter 30: A Quick Fix for Your “Issues”

Chapter 31: Break Loose from Sickness

Chapter 32: Break Loose from Depression

Chapter 33: Break Loose from Fear

Chapter 34: Break Loose from Poverty

Chapter 35: You Can Be an Overcomer

Chapter 36: God’s Plan to Redeem Sex

Chapter 37: The Blessings and Dangers of “One Flesh”

Chapter 38: Discover the Favor Factor

Chapter 39: Access Your Untapped Potential

Chapter 40: Liberated by an Earthquake

Chapter 41: Trust the Lord of Breakthroughs

Chapter 42: Confront Your Giants

Chapter 43: How Your Family Can Break Loose

Chapter 44: Victory When You Feel Overwhelmed

Chapter 45: What’s Still Holding You Back?

Bishop Bloomer’s Spiritual Warfare Dictionary

Appendix A: Scriptural Principles for Spiritual Purity

Appendix B: Books for Freedom from Sexual Temptation and Addiction

Appendix C: Internet Resources for Overcoming Sexual Temptation

About the Author


In this thoughtful, insightful, and powerful work, George Bloomer sets the reader on a clear path to victory and spiritual empowerment. You don’t have to live under the weight of guilt, shame, and defeat ever again. Every believer that is serious about breaking the shackles of the past and walking in their divine design needs to read this book immediately.

Kynan Bridges, Author, Unmasking the Accuser

About the Author:

Bishop George G. Bloomer is the founder and senior pastor of Bethel Family Worship Center, a multicultural congregation in Durham, North Carolina, and the Life Church in Goldsboro, North Carolina. A native of Brooklyn, New York, Bloomer overcame difficult personal challenges, as well as a destructive environment of poverty and drugs, and he uses those learning experiences as priceless tools for empowering others to excel beyond their seeming limitations. He is the author of a number of books and conducts many seminars dealing with relationships, finances, stress management and spiritual warfare.