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Biblical Secrets of a Supernatural Life
Biblical Secrets of a Supernatural Life by Bruce Allen

Price: $18.99
Author: Bruce Allen
Subtitle: School of the Supernatural
Format: Paperback
Length: 289 Pages
Published: 2019

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For many years, we have heard about a coming generation of those who know their God and will do mighty exploits. We have read Joel: 2 and thought about it, dreamt about it and hoped for it. There have been rumblings and stirrings in the heart of those who are sold out to the Lord and that stirring and urgency you feel is the Holy Spirit calling you even as deep calls unto deep.

In this book, Dr. Bruce Allen delivers biblical, practical and anointed instruction for the body of Christ to rise up and be who they were created to be, fulfilling the words that the Lord Jesus Christ spoke when he said, “The works I do you will do. And greater works . . .” (John 14:12).

The time is at hand for us to begin moving in the powers of the age to come, walking in our purpose and bringing glory to our Lord. God is calling you to a place and a depth you have never been, and He will prepare you and equip you. The instruction that Bruce Allen has received from the Lord on how to walk in this reality is presented here in a clear and concise way so that those that read these words may take them for themselves and then walk in this reality.

In this book, you will learn:
  • Pursuit is the proof of passion
  • A revelation of light
  • Ministering with angels
  • The cloud of witnesses
  • The power of a sanctified imagination
  • Doing the works of Christ
  • Obedience of His voice
  • Walking in miracles and much more!

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: Stepping into Our Identity
Chapter 2: Passion for the Lord
Chapter 3: Yielding to the Process
Chapter 4: The Power of the Sanctified Imagination
Chapter 5: The Realm of Expectation
Chapter 6: A Life of Worship
Chapter 7: Follow the Forerunners
Chapter 8: The Eyes of Your Understanding Enlightened
Chapter 9: The Revelation of Light
Chapter 10: You Are Light

About the Author:
Dr. Bruce Allen is an internationally known minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ, keynote conference speaker, and best-selling author of several highly acclaimed and anointed books, including the best-selling Gazing into Glory. Dr. Bruce walks in and ministers from the glory realms of God with miracles and signs following. A modern-day Enoch, Dr. Bruce’s mandate from the Lord Jesus is to train and equip believers to walk fully in the supernatural things of God, equipping believers to live a life of miracles, signs and wonders, moving supernaturally across the Earth for the purposes of and the glory of the Lord. Dr. Bruce and Reshma Allen live in Washington and have traveled to over 30 nations and is the founder of Still Waters International Missions.