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Assessing Your Prophetic Self
Assessing Your Prophetic Self by Paula Price

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Author: Paula Price
Subtitle: Discover and Train Your Gifts of Prophecy
Format: Paperback
Length: 175 Pages
Published: 2020

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Assessing Your Prophetic Self is a timely guide for today’s prophetic environment. As a primer, this work answers dozens of questions and supplies practical solutions to this century’s prophetic climate. Emphasizing prophecy more than prophets, it spans the entire spectrum of divine communications, a catchall phrase coined to identify God’s words for His children, futuristic or not.

Assessing Your Prophetic Self shows you how to assess your prophetic self and why it is healthy to do so. This primer informs and instructs you on:
  • Divine communications, prophets, and prophecy
  • Assessments and their value to prophetic criticism and judgment
  • How to view and explore your prophetic self as well as the prophetic in others
  • What general and prophetic assessments contain
  • How to isolate and determine assessment elements
  • How to build simple assessments

There is much more for you to learn from this primer. Expect to be enlightened, informed, challenged, and elevated.

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: Meet Your Primer: Introduction and Overview
Chapter 2: Assessment Fundamentals
Chapter 3: Everyone Can Prophesy
Chapter 4: Primer Syntheses: Prophets, Prophesiers, and Prophecy
Chapter 5: Primer Workshop: Putting It All to Work
Your Personal Prophetic Assessment Survey
Primer Last Words
About the Author

About the Author:
Dr. Paula Price is one of the most sought-after leaders, advisors, and educators on her subjects. In addition, she currently manages her own consulting firm and assessment company; is the author of over fifty books and manuals, and oversees the Congregation of the Mighty in Bixby, Oklahoma.