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Prophets 101
Prophets 101 by Jonathan Ferguson

Price: $12.99
Author: Jonathan Ferguson
Format: Paperback
Length: 137 Pages
Published: 2013

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In this book you will:

  • Understand what the prophetic mantle is and what it represents
  • Learn multiple things to consider when defining the role of the prophet
  • Learn the prophet’s responsibility in shifting atmospheres, altering spiritual climates, and manifesting the supernatural
  • Learn why the school of the prophets was established
  • Learn why prayer and evangelism are unavoidable fundamentals in the life of the prophet
  • Understand how prophets confront and conquer demonic principalities and powers
  • Understand how prophets reform cultures
  • Understand how to thrive in “changing times” and how all believers can play a part reforming cultures by way of prophetic impartation and much more.

Table of Contents:

Foreword by Dr. Paula Price
Chapter 1: The Prophetic Call
Chapter 2: Office of the Prophet
Chapter 3: Defining the Role of the Prophet
Chapter 4: History of the Prophet
Chapter 5: The Authority of the Prophet
Chapter 6: The Shift
Chapter 7: The Prophet, World Systems, and Kingdom Dynamics
Chapter 8: Culture and Prophetic Systems
Chapter 9: Shifting Power Systems
Chapter 10: Emerging Leaders