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Ashtoreth Goddess of Lust
Ashtoreth Goddess of Lust by Gwen Shaw

Price: $11.95
Author: Gwen Shaw
Format: Paperback
Length: 123 Pages
Published: 2011

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As the King of Glory makes His approach to earth, every power of darkness is being unleashed, attempting to destroy mankind.

One of these powers of darkness, a subtle and formidable foe, has been at the forefront of these hordes for thousands of years. The manifestations of this evil spirit appeal to the flesh so cunningly, that few have been able to resist her allure. This temptress, Ashtoreth, works through base carnal desires, fueling the fires of passion in both men and women, to steal destinies and destroy lives.

Learn from this book the secrets of the evil Ashtoreth so that you may recognize her schemes and defeat her. Be an overcomer through the Blood of the Lamb and the word of your testimony, so that you are ready to meet the King.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: The Kingdom of Darkness

Chapter 2: Ashtoreth: The Queen of Heaven and Ruler of Hearts

Chapter 3: The Seductive Power of Ashtoreth

Chapter 4: Ashtoreth: The Destroyer of Lives

Chapter 5: Wisdom Cannot Save You From Ashtoreth

Chapter 6: Physical Strength Cannot Save You From Ashtoreth

Chapter 7: Past Victories Cannot Save You From Ashtoreth

Chapter 8: Who Is Ashtorth?

Chapter 9: The Power of Ashtoreth

Chapter 10: Ashtoreth Destroys the Kings Daughter and Sons

Chapter 11: Can Ashtoreth Be Overcome?

Chapter 12: Ashtoreth Can Be Overcome Joseph, the Overcomer

Chapter 13: Has God Given You a Dream?

Appendix A: Polluted Power

Appendix B: The Power of Porn

Appendix C: Keep the Paths of Righteousness


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