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Apostolic Life
Apostolic Life by Greg Crawford

Price: $16.99
Author: Greg Crawford
Subtitle: A Living Grace
Format: Paperback
Length: 252 Pages
Published: 2018

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Apostolic Life takes a hard look at the current apostolic movement and gives a very honest consideration as to what is currently being produced. The book has the apostolic grace it describes throughout it as it gives answers and insights to help realign the current movement. Apostolic Life is an honest approach to what many may think but won’t speak. It addresses the hard issues with insightful and revelatory answers. Defining the true apostle’s heart, we see apostles are best described by the apostolic grace they carry and not an office or title. See this gift through different eyes as you read of the hidden heart of apostles and understand the way they think and operate.

Table of Contents:
Called to the Unknown
The Price of Vulnerability
Apostolic Follies
Called – Commissioned – Apostleship
Exposure of False Prophets & Apostles
Apostles of Christ
Apostolic Suffering
The Cost of Developing People
Wise Master Builder
Apostolic People to be Seen
Fathering Grace vs Apostolic Grace
Apostolic Associations and Alignments
Apostles of the Future

About the Author:
Greg Crawford has been active in ministry for over 30 years serving in almost every type of leadership role. He is the founder of Jubilee International Ministries, encompassing a network of international schools of ministry, an online school, a network of ordained ministers, and currently The BASE, an apostolic kingdom center in the capital city. He has traveled internationally, is a spiritual father to many and has a desire to see the next generation spiritually excel. He has labored to see the Kingdom expression of reformation and awakening come by traveling and speaking in Iowa and the United States to help bring this into existence. He is best known for his revelatory teaching style and has a unique and powerful ministry of laying on of hands for impartation. He carries a deep message that releases the breath of God to confront the hearts of believers.