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Aligning With the Apostolic Volume Four
Aligning With the Apostolic Volume Four Edited by Bruce Cook

Price: $19.99
Author: Bruce Cook, General Editor
Subtitle: An Anthology of Apostles, and the Apostolic in the Seven Mountains of Culture
Format: Paperback
Length: 305 Pages
Published: 2013

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Book Four of a five volume anthology of apostleship with 70 contributing authors.

Volume One
Section 1: Introduction and Overview

Volume Two
Section 2: Apostolic Government
Section 3: Apostolic Foundations

Volume Three
Section 4: Apostolic Intercession
Section 5: Apostolic Character and Maturity
Section 6: Apostolic Education

Volume Four
Section 7: Apostolic Fathers and Mothers
Section 8: Apostolic Leadership and Teams
Section 9: Apostolic Creativity and Innovation

Volume Five
Section 10: Apostolic Multiplication and Wealth
Section 11: Apostolic Culture
Section 12: Summary and Conclusion

Table of Contents:

Foreword by Johnny Enlow
Foreword by Rich Marshall
Section 7: Apostolic Fathers and Mothers
Chapter 42: Apostolic Birthing – Sharon Billins
Chapter 43: Fathers and Sons – Dr. Mark Kauffman
Chapter 44: Does Your Apostolic Father Call You a Son? – Curtis Gillespie
Chapter 45: Spiritual Fathers and Sons in the Marketplace – Dr. A.L. Gill
Chapter 46: Apostolic Mothers – Sharon Billins
Section 8: Apostolic Leadership and Teams
Chapter 47: New Perspectives on Apostolic Leadership – Dick Westerhof and Dr. Arleen Westerhof
Chapter 48: Apostolic Teams – Bill Johnson
Chapter 49: Building Bridges for Kingdom Advancement – Dr. Carl white, Jr.
Chapter 50: Apostolic Appraisers – Dr. Gordon Bradshaw
Chapter 51: Apostolic Responsibility for Destiny – Walt Pilcher
Chapter 52: Apostles and Prophets Make Great Teammates – Ken Beaudry
Chapter 53: A Tale of Two Identities – Dennis Wiedrick
Chapter 54: Apostles Following Christ’s Model – Kent Humphreys
Chapter 55: Marketplace Apostles: Raising Up Territorial Leaders – Ed Turose
Chapter 56: Apostolic Imagination: A Preferred Future for Apostolic Marketplace Initiatives – Dr. Joseph Umidi
Section 9: Apostolic Creativity and Innovation
Chapter 57: The Art of Faith – Max Greiner, Jr.
Chapter 58: Apostolic Innovation – Axel Sippach
Chapter 59: The Five R’s for the Apostle in Business – Dr. Nick Castellano
Chapter 60: Apostolic Creativity – Candace Long
Chapter 61: Moses: The Other Worship Leader – Dr. Ray Hughes


Aligning With the Apostolic is much more exhaustive than previous books on apostolic ministry. The next generation of ministers will have a greater revelation of this important ministry because of the contributions of these authors. I highly recommend these volumes, and believe they will contribute to the increasing knowledge of the importance of apostles and apostolic ministries.
Dr. Bruce Cook has done an excellent job in gathering many of the greatest apostolic voices of our day, and I believe it will cause many in the church to have a new level of faith and boldness to advance the kingdom of God in generations to come. Get ready to move ahead with revelation and understanding to see breakthroughs in society. God is able to do exceedingly, abundantly above all we can ask or think. Congratulations, Dr. Cook, and may your labor be rewarded by seeing many apostles released in the years to come.
John Eckhardt, Founder and Presiding Apostle, Impact Network

This anthology will establish an alignment of present truths integrated by 70 authors from various regions who know as well as comprehend the Word of the Lord, the direction for the Kingdom, and the encroachment upon the Seven Mountains in God’s schematic for the 21st century.
Even as Jesus drew a line in the sand to identify and dismiss religious spirits during His earthly ministry so has Apostle Dr. Bruce Cook drawn a line here to give voice to the proper role of apostles in the 21st century, t provide a platform for many new apostolic voices to be heard, and to explain how apostles must align themselves in order to align the Body of Christ . . . moving forward.
Apostle Elizabeth Hairston, Founding Apostle: The Apostolic-Prophetic Connection, Inc.,

About the General Editor:

Dr. Bruce Cook is a spiritual father and servant-leader, providing alignment, covering and/or counsel to apostolic leaders from every sphere of culture. He has significant experience in financial consulting, fundraising, private equity investments, banking, endowment management, higher education, board governance, technology, philanthropy, publishing, business development, marketing, research, church and marketplace ministry. The apostolic is his passion and raising up, equipping and releasing apostles and other five-fold leaders in the Seven Mountains of Culture is his mission. His board base of knowledge and experience, coupled with his influence and insight, converge in his role as General Editor for this seminal work. He is a bridge builder, connector, convener, network leader and both serial and social entrepreneur.