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Aligning With the Apostolic Volume Three
Aligning With the Apostolic Volume Three Edited by Bruce Cook

Price: $19.99
Author: Bruce Cook, General Editor
Subtitle: An Anthology of Apostles, and the Apostolic in the Seven Mountains of Culture
Format: Paperback
Length: 261Pages
Published: 2013

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Book Three of a five volume anthology of apostleship with 70 contributing authors.

Volume One
Section 1: Introduction and Overview

Volume Two
Section 2: Apostolic Government
Section 3: Apostolic Foundations

Volume Three
Section 4: Apostolic Intercession
Section 5: Apostolic Character and Maturity
Section 6: Apostolic Education

Volume Four
Section 7: Apostolic Fathers and Mothers
Section 8: Apostolic Leadership and Teams
Section 9: Apostolic Creativity and Innovation

Volume Five
Section 10: Apostolic Multiplication and Wealth
Section 11: Apostolic Culture
Section 12: Summary and Conclusion

Table of Contents:

Foreword by Dr. Gordon Bradshaw
Foreword by Dr. Bill Hamon
Section 4: Apostolic Intercession
Chapter 24: Apostolic-Prophetic Intercession – Dr. Tommi Femrite
Chapter 25: The Spiritual Architect – Tim Taylor
Chapter 26: Apostolic Thunder: The Sound of the Sons – James Nesbit
Chapter 27: Undercover Assignment: Apostolic Intercession to Restore America – Gary Beaton
Chapter 28: Praying Like the apostles – Bob Cathers
Chapter 29: Apostles to the Boardroom – Dr. Stan Jeffery
Chapter 30: Apostolic Honor – John Anderson
Chapter 31: Apostolic Integrity – Mark Henderson
Chapter 32: Apostolic Mantles – Dr. Michelle A. Morrison
Chapter 33: The Apostolic Release – Paul L. Cuny
Chapter 34: Becoming Apostles of Merit – Dr. Philip R. Byler
Chapter 35: Recognizing Apostles – Robert Henderson
Chapter 36: The Signs of Apostleship – Lloyd Phillips
Chapter 37: Society of Leaders – Morris E. Ruddick
Chapter 38: The Marks of an Apostle – Kari Browning
Chapter 39: Abiding Through the Purging and Pruning Process – Dr. David Andrade
Section 5: Apostolic Education

Chapter 40: The Church-Based Mandate: Apostolic Training Megatrends in the Global Church – Dr. Berin Gilfillan
Chapter 41: Education and Training for the Marketplace Apostolic Leadership – Dr. Stan E. DeKoven

About the General Editor:

Dr. Bruce Cook is a spiritual father and servant-leader, providing alignment, covering and/or counsel to apostolic leaders from every sphere of culture. He has significant experience in financial consulting, fundraising, private equity investments, banking, endowment management, higher education, board governance, technology, philanthropy, publishing, business development, marketing, research, church and marketplace ministry. The apostolic is his passion and raising up, equipping and releasing apostles and other five-fold leaders in the Seven Mountains of Culture is his mission. His board base of knowledge and experience, coupled with his influence and insight, converge in his role as General Editor for this seminal work. He is a bridge builder, connector, convener, network leader and both serial and social entrepreneur.