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Administration's Time Has Come
Administration's Time Has Come by Paul Manwaring

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Author: Paul Manwaring
Subtitle: Administrators who do not understand the power of God will reduce a move of God to what man can do without God
Format: Paperback
Length: 96 Pages
Published: 2021

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Administration is not a second-class ministry, yet many suffer from feeling less valuable or significant in this role. In this series of books, Paul unpacks many misconceptions and puts the gift of administration firmly in the context of Kingdom. These teachings are for leaders and managers in every sphere and realm. Rich in principles, these teachings carry an impartation to set you free in your gifting and take your place in the advancement of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. Kingdom administrators, this is your time!

Administration’s Time Has Come is a clarion call. As we pursue revival and reformation, it is essential that Kingdom Minded administrators are raised up to ensure that the benefits we experience are passed on to the next generation without loss of power or purpose. In order for this to happen, we need to understand the place of sonship, power, and presence in the administrator’s tool bag.

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: All Things Sacred
Chapter 2: Mastering Kingdom Administration
Chapter 3: My Journey
Chapter 4: Perspective
Chapter 5: Perspective
Chapter 6: Defining Administration
Chapter 7: Administration and Governance
Chapter 8: On the Shoulders of a Son
Chapter 9: Power and Presence
Chapter 10: Victory and Life Flowing
Chapter 11: Building a Wineskin
Chapter 12: Serving the Spirit of the Organization
Chapter 13: A First-Class Calling
Chapter 14: The Prophecy Unpacked

About the Author:
Paul Manwaring’s dynamic and varied career has included prison management, nursing, church leadership and itinerant teaching. He brings this all together with a desire to see changed lives and organizations. He loves to bless people with the promises of scripture for greater glory, works and revelation, and the increase of His government. Paul is married to Sue. He loves to cook, take photographs, enjoy family and make coffee.