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Accelerated Healing
Accelerated Healing by John Proodian

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Author: John Proodian
Subtitle: Accessing Jesus' Finished Work of Divine Healing
Format: Paperback
Length: 178 Pages
Published: 2018

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If divine healing has already been purchased by Jesus’ work, why are so any people still suffering?

If you’ve ever wondered why healing has been delayed, this book is for you. Accelerated Healing is a powerful message that will lift your hopes and inspire faith to release a new level of miracle power in your life!

Dr. John Proodian is a healing evangelist with Dove on the Rise International working alongside his mentor Dr. James Maloney. But for thirty years, he saw no miraculous healings. Then one day, everything changed! Learn what ignited John’s passion to pursue healing, read incredible testimonies of amazing miracles, and receive practical teaching on how to receive and release divine healing instantly!

Discover how to:
  • Access the healing power of the atonement – receive what Jesus paid for with His “stripes.”
  • Activate the “take it fast” principle when receiving your healing.
  • Build your faith by reading miracle stories of accelerated healings.
  • Operate in the gift of faith by cooperating with the Holy Spirit.
  • Create an atmosphere for accelerated miracles.

Overcome the pain of disappointment from past failed healing attempts. Reach out with renewed faith and power, and lay hold of Accelerated Healing!

Table of Contents:
Foreword by Dr. James Maloney
Introduction: The Importance of Healing
Chapter 1: The Girl Who Grew
Chapter 2: Gloriously Ruined
Chapter 3: Take It Fast!
Chapter 4: Past Tense
Chapter 5: Jesus the Breaker
Chapter 6: The Revelation of Faith
Chapter 7: Moments of Boom!
Chapter 8: The Conviction of Faith
Chapter 9: Historical Significance
Chapter 10: Take It by Force
Chapter 11: This Time It’s Personal!
Chapter 12: We’re Dead
Chapter 13: Cultivating Sensitivity
Chapter 14: It’s Relational
Chapter 15: How Faith Operates
Chapter 16: Stepping into Faith
Chapter 17: Seizing the Moment
Chapter 18: I Also Imitate Christ
Chapter 19: A Constant Shift
Chapter 20: Moved with Compassion
Chapter 21: Tossing Out Junk and Expressing Love
Chapter 22: The Way Jesus Did It
Chapter 23: Now It’s Our Turn
Chapter 24: Brazil
Chapter 25: Branham’s Pulls
Chapter 26: The Man with No Tongue
Chapter 27: Don’t Live a Two-Thirds Life
Chapter 28: Two-Thirds Is Antichrist
Chapter 29: The Exposure of the Spirit
Chapter 30: Facing Rejection
Chapter 31: Strengthen the Inner Man


Author John Proodian does what the best teachers do – instruct from their personal experience. He weaves together testimony, insights from God’s word, and well-timed humor, to walk us through his personal growth as a minister of healing. By sharing his own story – the good, the bad, and the ugly – John offers readers a priceless gift. Each revelation in Accelerated Healing has been fought for, but is offered freely. They will ignite a hunger for all that is possible. Read this book as a gift from God. In doing so, I believe You’ll become encouraged, equipped, and inspired.
Bill Johnson, Bethel Church, Redding, CA

This book is a testimony of how two ordinary Christian people decided that they were going all in on Him, His love, and His gifts to broken humanity. This book is a road map for you and me t follow. So “take it fast” as you read this book. Be ready to receive healing and be ready to look for the opportunities that the Holy spirit will bring across your path to minister healing to others.
Brian Fraley, Executive Director of Our Father’s Project Ministries

About the Author:
Dr. John Proodian is a former university professor and graduate of Randy Clark’s Global School of Ministry and currently serves as a board member and executive associate evangelist with Dove on the Rise International. He has spent many years ministering side-by-side with his friend, mentor, and spiritual father Dr. James Maloney. Together they have traveled the globe, proclaiming and releasing the Kingdom of God in signs, wonders, creative miracles, prophetic ministry and healing.