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A Vision of Hope for the End Times
A Vision of Hope for the End Times by R. Loren Sandford

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Author: R. Loren Sandford
Subtitle: Why I Want to Be Left Behind
Format: Paperback
Length: 198 Pages
Published: 2018

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In recent times, the body of Christ has seen a frenzy of fruitless end times speculation. But how should we Biblically respond to the last days?

If the people of God are to be effective catalysts for Kingdom transformation in these uncertain times, we must live with clarity, purpose, and confident expectation.

Author R. Loren Sandford issues a prophetic call to the church in the last days: rather than being consumed by signs and speculation, now is the time for believers to arise and manifest the Kingdom of God in power!

This book will:
  • Undo end times misconceptions that bring in fear and confusion.
  • Offer prophetic glimpses into God’s Kingdom activity, preparing believers for a “Last Days Outpouring,” a supernatural worship revival, and unprecedented global harvest.
  • Shed light on the “Rapture” teaching, shifting the focus from escapism to the church’s present call to power, influence, and glory.
  • Provide fresh insights on popular end times concepts, including the Millennial Reign of Jesus, the “Mark of the Beast,” the Antichrist, the Great Tribulation, the “144,000”, One-World Government, trumpets, beasts, and timelines.
  • Unlock the mystery of the Two Witnesses found in the book of Revelation.

This prophetic vision offers a hopeful promise for the church in the end times. Respond to the call, and advance God’s Kingdom here and now!

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: Definitions of Essential Terms
Chapter 2: The Paradox and Promise of the Age
Chapter 3: The Millennium: Revelation 20
Chapter 4: Things We’ve Been Taught to Fear
Chapter 5: The Pre-Trib Origin and Other Misconceptions
Chapter 6: Understanding the Revelation to John
Chapter 7: Victory in Revelation
Chapter 8: The Revealing of the Sons of God
Chapter 9: Worship in the Last Days
Chapter 10: The Last Days Harvest
Chapter 11: The Fall of Babylon and the Rapture of the Church
Chapter 12: Seventy Weeks of Years
Chapter 13: The Two Witnesses: A Sign of Hope
Chapter 14: Revelation 12: The Woman Clothed with the Sun
Chapter 15: Revelation 19 and More: The Victory
In Closing

About the Author:
R. Loren Sandford has been in full-time ministry since 1976 and is a long-time international leader in renewal, as well as a prophetic voice. He is the founding pastor of New Song Church and Ministries in Denver, Colorado, where he continues to serve. Sandford travels and teaches internationally and has authored a number of books.