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A Return to Sonship
A Return to Sonship by Stacy Hilliard

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Author: Stacy Hilliard
Subtitle: Understanding Your Spiritual DNA
Format: Paperback
Length: 105 Pages
Published: 2015

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Sonship is the exclusive relationship between God and His children. From God’s perspective, this relationship was, is and will always be second to none. Biblical Sonship has to do with position, and not gender; it is a distinct place of privilege that God ordained for his entire family (male and female) on the earth.

A greater knowledge of our Sonship with God leads to a richer understanding of the value of our position, purpose, place and destiny – both with God and in creation. Recognizing our true relationship with God, and our awareness of our rule in the earth, leads to a mindset shift that enables the children of God to glorify Him to the fullest by walking in all of the privileges, power, rights, and responsibilities inherent as the children of God.

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: Image and Likeness: The Distinction of Sonship
Chapter 2: Let Us Make Man
Chapter 3: The Mind of Christ
Chapter 4: The Tree: Sonship Authenticated
Chapter 5: Adam: A Man of Maturity and Authority
Chapter 6: The Class of God
Chapter 7: Fall and Redemption
Chapter 8: The Abrahamic Covenant
Chapter 9: “Son” of God, “Son” of Man on Earth
Chapter 10: The Last Adam
Chapter 11: The Spirit of Adoption
Chapter 12: The Begotten Sons of God

About the Author:
Stacy Hilliard lives in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, where he serves in Evangelism USA as director of church multiplication for the International Pentecostal Holiness Church. He holds a Bachelor of Practical Theology and Master’s Degree in Ministry from Advantage College. Prior to joining Evangelism USA, he lived in Greenville, North Carolina, where he founded Breakthrough Revival Center Church and served as a law enforcement officer. He has been involved in church planting since 1994 and has worked with church planters and church planting groups across the country.