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A Closer Look at Authority
A Closer Look at Authority by Ralph Good

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Author: Ralph Good
Subtitle: Examining Every Greek Word Authority is Translated From
Format: Paperback
Length: 234 Pages
Published: 2019

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A Closer Look at Authority investigates and identifies God’s true purpose, responsibilities, and qualifying characteristics for authority in the Church. As well as Satan’s abuse and misuse of God’s authority by false preachers that separate people from God, enslaving people to follow false teachings, selfish ambitions, and traditions of men.

This study includes every Greek word authority is translated from: Seven in the KJV, twelve in the NKJV, and lists all the English words they are translated to in every verse in the Bible along with their definitions. What is most shocking! The Greek word second more often translated to power. This very same Greek word in scripture defines the power and authority of God, Jesus Christ, the devil, the Beast and the kingdom of darkness.

So, how can we truly know if, we, and those claim to be authorities in our lives are expressing God’s authority, or Satan’s power? In view of this Biblical fact: the same exact Greek word defines both of them, but sometimes, it’s translated differently.

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: Authority in the New Testament
Chapter 2: Questions About Submitting to Authority
Chapter 3: Watch Out, Be Aware
Chapter 4: Who are the Governing Authorities
Chapter 5: Qualifications for Leadership
Chapter 6: The First Commandment
Chapter 7: Witchcraft in the Church
Chapter 8: Submit to What?
Chapter 9: Authority for the Common Good
Chapter 10: God’s Justice

About the Author:
Ralph Good came to Christ in his early twenties and in his sixty plus years saw abuse and misuses of authority devastate many lives. After many years of study, the cries of his heart compelled him to address the false and misinterpretations about authority in the church. Ralph has co-founded a Teen Center, led the worship team, and fulfilled many other duties in church. As a community leader, Ralph received awards from the Governor, State Senate, House of Representatives and Mayor for his volunteer work in the worst neighborhoods. He is retired and lives in Harrisburg, PA.