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33 Degrees of Deception
33 Degrees of Deception by Tom McKenney

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Author: Tom McKenney
Subtitle: An Expose of Freemasonry
Format: Paperback
Length: 443 Pages
Published: 2011

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The shadow of death hovers over many of the rites and rituals of Freemasonry. In Letters on the Masonic Institution by John Quincy Adams we learn of an ancient Masonic ritual known as The Fifth Libation, which involved drinking wine from a human skull. Every Mason takes death oaths and several Masonic executions have taken place throughout history.

Author Tom McKenney exposes the deadly secrets of this fraternity, which has more than three million members around the world. In a careful and objective manner, he reveals the connection between Freemasonry and the New Age Movement, and he delves into the occult roots of this secret society.

33 Degrees of Deception is a very comprehensive book that tells the personal story of one completely dedicated Mason Jim Shaw, who became a Knight Commander of the court of Honor, Worshipful Master of the Blue Lodge, and Master of all Scottish Rite bodies. You will want to know why Jim Shaw left Masonry and the price he paid for leaving. This book sheds light on the darkness of Freemasonry as the author gives penetrating answers to the questions many people ask about this secret society.

  • Is there a connection between Masonry and the Illuminati?
  • Why is Masonry opposed to Christian schools?
  • Is Freemasonry a religion?
  • Can a man be both a Christian and a Mason?

Dan Browns novel, The Lost Symbol, presents a favorable view of Freemasonry, but Tom McKenneys book gives the reader a different perspective one that is based on the truth.

Table of Contents


Part 1

Foreword to Part 1

Introduction to Part 1

Chapter 1: On My Own

Chapter 2: In Search of a Future

Chapter 3: Brought to the Light

Chapter 4: Im Going to Florida

Chapter 5: Master Mason

Chapter 6: Going Higher

Chapter 7: Branching Out

Chapter 8: A Religion at Last

Chapter 9: The Gathering Storm

Chapter 10: Into the Light

Chapter 11: Walking in the Light

A Personal Word from Jim

Epilogue: In the Years That Followed

Appendix A: Masonic Doctrine Versus Christian Doctrine

Appendix B: Masonic Symbolism

Appendix C: Masonic Morality

Appendix D: The Legend of Hiram Abiff

Appendix E: The Lecture of the 32nd Degree

Appendix F: A Prayer for Freedom

Appendix G: Authors Note Concerning Jim Shaw and the 33rd Degree

Part 2

Foreword to Part 2

Introduction to Part 2

Chapter 1: The Nature and Origins of Freemasonry

Chapter 2: The Scope of Freemasonry

Chapter 3: American Freemasonry: The Blue Lodge and the Higher Degrees

Chapter 4: Freemasonrys Christian Degrees

Chapter 5: The Shrine: Islam in Freemasonry

Chapter 6: Adoptive Freemasonry: Masonic Groups for Women and Children

Chapter 7: Freemasonry and Other Fraternal Orders

Chapter 8: Freemasonrys Membership: Why Men Join

Chapter 9: Freemasonrys Membership: How Men Join

Chapter 10: Freemasonry and Membership: How Men Leave

Chapter 11: Freemasonry and the Bible

Chapter 12: Freemasonry and Religion

Chapter 13: Freemasonrys Exclusiveness and Elitism

Chapter 14: Freemasonry and Jesus Christ

Chapter 15: Freemasonry and Secrecy

Chapter 16: Freemasonry and Deception

Chapter 17: Freemasonry and Its Symbols

Chapter 18: Death Oaths and Masonic Execution

Chapter 19: Freemasonry, Presidents, and the Founding Fathers

Chapter 20: Freemasonry and Divided Loyalties

Chapter 21: Freemasonry and the Occult

Chapter 22: Freemasonry and Mormonism

Chapter 23: Freemasonry, the New Age, and the New World Order

Epilogue: Recent Developments

Appendix A: Female Brothers in the Lodge

Appendix B: Death Oaths

Appendix C: The Lost Word and Its Significance

Appendix D: Masonry and Its Controversial Authorities



About the Author

Lt. Col. Tom C. McKenney, USMC (Ret), is a graduate of the University of Kentucky and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He was an infantry officer and parachutist in the U.S. Marine Corps, serving in both Korea and Vietnam. A student of military history, he has contributed articles to various periodicals and has written several books, including Jack Hinsons One-man War. He is an advocate for American Prisoners of War and has appeared on hundreds of radio and television programs to discuss veterans issues and his personal experiences. Tom has written books on a variety of topics, published in the US, UK, Poland, and Sweden. Columbia Pictures has bought the rights to his life story. He and his wife currently live on a farm near Marion, Kentucky.