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It Isn't Free and It Isn't Masonry
It Isn't Free and It Isn't Masonry by Otto Bixler

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Author: Otto Bixler
Subtitle: A Doorway to Release from Freemasonry's Unseen Curses for Masons, Their Families, and Descendants
Format: Paperback
Length: 377 Pages
Published: 2016

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Freemasonry in your direct family bloodline or by personal involvement results in personal problems not usually attributed to this source. This book will help you discover, diagnose and remove them.

Join the many who can now live their lives as God intended. Mental freedom, spiritual sensitivity and freedom, physical restoration from many maladies, recovery from financial difficulties – all are attainable to those seeking help from God to set them free from the curses of Freemasonry.

Founded on the Word of God, steeped in twenty-four years of Freemasonry ministry in conferences, Bible Schools, personal ministry and illuminated by the Holy Spirit, It Isn’t Free and It Isn’t Masonry will lead you from discovery to discovery – first about God and then about the mysteries of Freemasonry. Through a set of amazing, scripted prayer ministry dialogues you can, by the power of God obtain new freedom and healing.

Table of Contents:
Part 1: Stepping into Strength and Knowledge – Restoring the Family
Chapter 1: Symptoms without Cause
Chapter 2: Spiritual Laws That Govern the World
Chapter 3: Forgiveness: A Deeper Look
Chapter 4: Sins of the Family
Chapter 5: Where Have All the Fathers Gone?
Chapter 6: The Family: God’s Building Block for Society
Chapter 7: Praying Our Way to Freedom

Part 2: Spiritual Prisoners – Getting Free
Chapter 8: Prisoners
Chapter 9: Spiritual Roots of Freemasonry
Chapter 10: Stepping into Prayer Ministry for Removing the Residual Effects of Freemasonry
Chapter 11: Release from Freemasonry for Degrees beyond Master Mason
Appendix 1: Salvation and Lordship
Appendix 2: God’s Commandments and Spiritual Laws
Appendix 3: Spiritual Ties That bind
Appendix 4: Idolatry
Appendix 5: Temporal versus Eternal
Appendix 6: Deliverance Ministry

All who want to be free from the effects of Freemasonry in their life and that of their family will be deeply grateful to Otto Bixler for writing this book. It will also be an invaluable tool for all those involved in the ministry of healing. For this is not just a book about Freemasonry, but a practical workshop manual which first helps people identify the real source of problems, which can have their origin in Freemasonry, and then shows them how to overcome them, be healed and set free. I pray that through this book there will be many who discover the amazing truths in God’s Word which point the way to freedom.
Peter Horrobin, Founder and International Director, Ellel Ministries International

This precious book may well be the best prayer ministry reference book available to the individual, the family and the church on the subject of Freemasonry.
Ken Symington, Author

About the Author:
Otto Bixler, an ordained minister and his wife Sharon have ministered around the world and as missionaries, lived and ministered in the former USSR for over 20 years. Otto is the author of two other books with translation into Russian, Hungarian and Romanian.