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Wrestling for Your Prophetic Destiny
Wrestling for Your Prophetic Destiny by Alemu Beeftu

Price: $14.99
Author: Alemu Beeftu
Format: Paperback
Length: 156 Pages
Published: 2014

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Arsenal Note: We have the utmost respect for Alemu Beeftu. He is a true apostolic leader who is raising up leaders overseas and within the United States. He is definitely one of the leaders we hold in high esteem because he is out doing the stuff of discipline and raising up new leaders to take the gospel to the nations.

Destiny burns in the hearts of God’s people because He has not only placed a divine destiny within each one of us, but He is raising up a generation that is preparing to go after their destiny. Did you know that your life will be remembered both on Earth and throughout eternity?

So how does one pursue his destiny? In this book, Dr. Alemu Beeftu provides biblical examples on how to seek the best for your life, regardless of your circumstances or the situations that try to stand like road blocks against you. He explains:

  • How you can prepare to succeed
  • How you can move from commonplace living to a life that brings the adventures of God
  • How to discover the blessing that comes once you have the tools to wrestle for them
  • How to receive insights into becoming everything He created you to be
You are created in His image and He wants you to join Him in fulfilling all of His purposes for you on Earth. Isn’t it time you began the “good fight” by discovering and wrestling for your prophetic destiny?

Table of Contents:

Foreword by Barbara Wentroble
Introduction: When God Speaks
Chapter 1: Seeking God
Chapter 2: Seeking the Face of the God of Jacob
Chapter 3: Hearing the Prophetic Word
Chapter 4: Standing on the Covenant
Chapter 5: Preparation for the Journey
Chapter 6: The Starting Point
Chapter 7: Gilgal: A Place of Circumcision
Chapter 8: Bethel: A Place of Revelation
Chapter 9: Jericho: A Place of Victory
Chapter 10: Jordan: A Place of Crossover
Chapter 11: Going Back to Bethel
Chapter 12: This Is the Generation


This book is a treasure chest full of wisdom, which makes it a rare find! Alemu Beeftu has lived tis message and proven its worth. If you are seeking God to find your purpose in life, this is a must read!
Cindy Jacobs, Co-Founder, Generals International

In these tumultuous days people are hungry for the supernatural. They know that their lives are not just shaped by their genes, their environment, their experience, and their good (or bad!) fortune. There is a supernatural dimension that overshadows all of the above. But we ask: How to get in touch with it? How to tap in? In this brilliant book, my friend, Alemu Beeftu gives us the answers. You have in your hands a trustworthy road map toward becoming everything that God wants you to be!
C. Peter Wagner, Vice President, Global Spheres, Inc.

About the Author:

Dr. Alemu Beeftu is the founder and president of Gospel of Glory. He has a B.A. from Biola University, a Master’s and a Doctoral degree in Curriculum Design and Community Development from Michigan State University. More than 30 years of practice in these and related fields have made him an accomplished and sought-after leadership trainer in over 40 countries. He has authored several books and continues to equip Christian leaders, mentor emerging young leaders and empower the Body of Christ worldwide for Kingdom work.