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Wired for Success Programmed for Failure
Wired for Success Programmed for Failure by James Richards

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Author: James Richards
Format: Paperback
Length: 197 Pages
Published: 2010

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The desire to succeed is part of our permanent internal wiring. Yet, nearly everything and everyone in our life has unintentionally played a role in programming us to accept certain limitations. The majority of people live within invisible, impenetrable boundaries that have become the accepted limits of their success!

Over nine billion dollars was spent in 2005 on self-help and motivational training in a disappointing attempt to expand our success boundaries. Future projections are staggering. At best, however, most participants seem to get temporarily charged up only to eventually succumb to the same limitations they sought to change!

There is an internal law that brings us back to the scope of our internal beliefs. As surely as gravity will always bring us back to the Earth we will always come back to the boundaries of our internal beliefs. Wired for Success, Programmed for Failure will show you how to move those internal boundaries to enjoy and sustain the levels of success you truly desire. Now you can fulfill your desire for success while discovering the hidden keys to living your potential!

Apart from an internal belief system that supports success all efforts to move forward will be stressful, temporary and unattainable. However, when the beliefs of the heart create a sense of self that is able to experience success and prosperity, everything youve ever learned now becomes effective in your life.

Wired for Success, Programmed for Failure is the matrix around all the pieces of the puzzle finally come together to bring you into the most incredible success you have ever imagined! Dr. James B. Richards has helped thousands of people around the world break through to new levels of success, and this how-to book will be the key that makes it all happen for you!

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Wired for Success

Chapter 2: Redefining Success

Chapter 3: Holistic Success

Chapter 4: A World of Abundance

Chapter 5: The Cultural Trance

Chapter 6: Learning to Fail

Chapter 7: Coping With Failure

Chapter 8: Is Success Supposed to Be Hard?

Chapter 9: Learning to Succeed

Chapter 10: A Journey Into the Unknown

Chapter 11: Rules for Transformation

Chapter 12: Why I Resist Change

Chapter 13: Expanding Your Financial Boundaries

Chapter 14: Creating Sustainable Success

Chapter 15: Controlling the Process

Chapter 16: Failure Feelings

Chapter 17: Identifying Boundaries

Chapter 18: Capturing Inspiration

Chapter 19: Creating a New Normal

Chapter 20: Resetting Your Thermostat

Chapter 21: Following the Way of Peace

Chapter 22: The Ultimate Cultural Corruption

Chapter 23: Changing the World Through Success

Chapter 24: Journey to the Center of Your World

Chapter 25: A Comprehensive Approach


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About the Author

About the Author

James Richards is a pioneer in the field of faith-based human development. He has combined spirituality, energy medicine, scientific concepts and human intuition into a philosophical approach that brings about congruence in spirit, soul and body, resulting in incredible breakthroughs in health, emotional management and financial abundance. He is a life coach, consultant, teacher and motivational trainer. He holds doctorates in Theology, Oriental Medicine and Human Behavior. Dr. Richards has been successful as an entrepreneur who has built several successful businesses ranging from contracting to real estate to marketing. As a national best-selling author, Dr. Richards has written several books that have sold several million copies around the world. His most noted work is Heart Physics, a life renewal program designed to equip people to transform any aspect of their life through changing the beliefs of their heart. When asked why he has studied such a broad field his answer is simple: If it helps people, I want to understand it! The goal of all his work is to help people experience wholeness: spirit, soul and body!